Family Photos 2014

Now that I'm done with sessions for the year, I can finally focus on my own family photos. We headed down to my father in laws nursery, because as you will see, it's absolutely stunning at Christmas. A sweet photographer friend came along and took these for us and I edited them. My goal was to get just one good one for our Christmas card, and thankfully, we got several. Thank you Kristy!! We love them!!!

 photo kubler-007.jpg
 photo kubler-010will.jpg
 photo kubler-009.jpg
 photo kubler-016.jpg
 photo kubler-014.jpg
 photo kubler-002will.jpg
 photo kubler-012will.jpg
 photo kubler-015.jpg
 photo kubler-013.jpg
 photo kubler-019.jpg
 photo kubler-003will.jpg
 photo kubler-011bw.jpg
 photo kubler-017will.jpg


Jessie said...

What a fun colorful place for pictures! Also, I'm glad the busy season for photographers is over too. Whew!

Wynne Elder said...


Emily said...

Gorgeous-love the poinsettias!