Christmas 2014

I'm way behind on posting but I blame being across the world the last week of december and first week of January. Glad to be home and back into the swing of things. I'm back dating this just for organization purposes.

We celebrated Christmas a lot differently this year because of our NZ trip (which I'll post later). We chose to open presents as a family on the 19th of December. We knew family stuff was going to be crammed in the days before Christmas and our flight to NZ left on Christmas morning. I'm so glad we celebrated early and had time for just our little family. I managed to throw together a quick home video of our Christmas morning. It's all blurry from youtube upload, but you get the gist:)

 I sure do love our little family of four. We mainly did stockings and a few small gifts since we had our trip coming up. The big train around our tree was from C's great grandparents. It was the joy of his life for a good week until we left for NZ. When he was up, it had to be on, and he would often just lay on the floor and watch it go round and round.

Christmas with josh's family was very condensed. Since we were traveling to NZ with his mom and sister, we only bought gifts for the kiddos. We ordered Sushi take out and let the kids play with their new toys after dinner. We spent the rest of the night discussing the trip. Josh's dad's family were all sick, so he just stopped by one night to drop off and pick up gifts. He stayed and played with C for a while:) We celebrated with my family on Christmas Eve morning over a big breakfast and gifts. I only managed to snap a few photos. The week of Christmas was crazy busy for us. I'm excited to go back to traditional Christmas gatherings next year. Christmas day was spent in airports but more on that later!

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Lauren Flowers said...

My word, I could watch C open presents all day. His expressions are precious! He reminds me of my little brother so so much. Im glad you all had a wonderful Christmas!!