Willow is 3 months!


You're the big 3 months! This past month you've grown like crazy. You are still in size 1 diapers mainly because we have so many, but you're almost too big for them. I'm guessing you are now 12 pounds, but I haven't weighed you since you were 2 months. You are in 3 month clothing. You eat 6 times a day and sleep from 10:20-7/8 (9 straight hours with no waking! WHOOP!), but we are slowly pushing you bedtime earlier each night. You now love to stick out your tongue and lean forwards like you want to sit up (see pics above). You follow us around the room, smile constantly, and you've just started to really cooh and gurgle at us. Your eyes are still blue. Your hair is starting to thin out, and I'm so curious if it's going to stay strawberry blonde or turn blonde like brothers. I really wish you could stay this little forever. I'm loving this stage in you're in. When I put you down for naps or bed, i immediately miss you and want to just hold you all the time. You are definitely a mommas girl right now and I love it. Your big brother still loves to help me with you, and he's adjusted so incredibly well to having you around. We went to New Zealand this past month and you traveled like a PRO!!! Seriously the best traveler. It was completely the Lord's grace.

We love you Willow Ruth. Being your momma is the best blessing!


Susan Delk said...

What the what?! She can't be that old yet?! Sweet sweet Willow! Love her :)

Meagan said...

Would love to know how in the world she sleeps so great!? Do you do anything specific or is she a dream baby with special sleeping skills?? :)

Nicole said...

still can't get over how much i love her name!! and seriously. such a little doll!!! happy three months, sweet girl! xo