Febuary RECAP!

Oh February, You were so good to us. Hard to believe how fast you came and went. SO much fun this month and so many pictures to prove it:)

 photo IMG_0500.jpg
 ^They were supposed to be praying;)
 photo IMG_0524.jpg
 photo IMG_0517.jpg
 photo IMG_0536.jpg
 photo IMG_0531.jpg
 ^She was just extra cute that day and I couldn't help but take a pic of her snoozing.
  photo IMG_0488.jpg
 Sweetest little profile.
 photo IMG_0555.jpg
 ^They look a little alike, but i can definitely see some differences.  photo IMG_0589.jpg
 ^He was supposed to be in time out. Feb was a hard month with this little guy. Thanks to two year old molars.
  photo IMG_0571.jpg
 ^Date night with a bestie, Anna Brewer.
 photo IMG_0596.jpg ^C's craft for dad the week of Valentines.
 photo IMG_0665.jpg ^Snoozing at Lolli's house. photo IMG_0654.jpg ^Playing with a sweet little friend, Layton May.
 photo IMG_0689.jpg ^I can't handle her little nose.
 photo IMG_0641.jpg ^Climbed up on Finn's crate to get into mommas lip gloss and keys. Little Monkey.
 photo IMG_0700.jpg ^Scary how much they look alike here. Hilarious the wub a nub is in both photos because neither of them took them for long. (W is on the left)
 photo IMG_0835.jpg ^family selfie at aunt Lindsay's house for family night.
 photo IMG_0757.jpg ^my gifts for Valentines day. My man is the best.
 photo IMG_0823.jpg photo IMG_0814.jpg
 photo IMG_0801.jpg ^This was at our Valentines girl party (also known as Galentines). We had so much fun hanging out with the ladies of our church painting nails, eating treats, and passing babies around. Willow and her future husband, Graham Perry, had their own little date.
 photo IMG_0884.jpg ^this is what happens when big brother pics out her clothes.
 photo IMG_1012.jpg ^She's growing too fast. Someone hold me.
 photo IMG_1020.jpg
 photo IMG_1022.jpg
 ^Visiting with our great grandparents is exhausting.
 photo IMG_0907.jpg^He had a pretty bad booboo on his face and was a little scared of the bandaide, so ma and pa showed him how it's done. 
 photo IMG_1380.jpg ^These little hams are my favorite.

 photo IMG_1030.jpg
^Snuggles before bed.
 photo IMG_0974.jpg
 ^Out with our sweet friends, the Holcombs.
 photo IMG_1108.jpg
 photo IMG_1111.jpg ^love her less son. Love her less.
  photo IMG_1132.jpg ^I've realized I have an unhealthy obsession with taking pictures of her sleeping.
 photo IMG_1173.jpg ^Big girl in the bumbo watching fin like C used to do.
 photo IMG_1370.jpg ^And one weird one to send us out. Hello, March!

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