January Recap

I've been absolutely HORRIBLE in the past about documenting iphone photos. Hoping this year to do a better job and just throw them on a recap post at the end of each month. January was a long, weird month. We got back from NZ in the beginning (I promise to be documenting that trip soon). Then we were hit with sickness after sickness. We made lots of transitions and did a total spring cleaning of the house because...... we've decided to move!!! That's right! We are moving just one city over, but we are so excited to be closer to our friends and church! The house went on the market at the very end of the month/ beginning of February, but we've had tons of interest! Hoping for an offer soon!

Anyways, here's the past month in iphone photos, some edit, some not, but I'm just glad they are finally being documented!! Now to go back and do October-dec...:(

Cousin night!  photo IMG_0118.jpg
 photo IMG_0120.jpg photo IMG_0122.jpg
 photo IMG_0135.jpg
 photo IMG_0023.jpg
 photo IMG_0140.jpg
 photo IMG_0143.jpg photo IMG_0155.jpg photo IMG_0182.jpg
 photo IMG_0206.jpg photo IMG_0216.jpg photo IMG_0264_2.jpg  photo IMG_0279-1.jpg

C moved out of the crib and into his big boy bed. He's done FANTASTIC!! seriously. He never tries to get out of it, and he waits on us to get him in the morning and after naps. So thankful for this easy transition!
 photo IMG_0292.jpg  photo IMG_0282.jpg photo IMG_0283.jpg

W moved to her room! She's doing great in her crib at night... but naps are another story. 
 photo IMG_0326.jpg
 photo IMG_0321.jpg

Date night with husband to dinner and target! This date night was so refreshing. We ate the yummiest food at Bablu. We then went to target and just muddled around. We danced in the aisles, laughed, and took photos. We even decided to buy all of C's potty training gear. Haven't potty trained just yet, but we are getting close. 
 photo IMG_0314.jpg photo IMG_0353.jpg

 photo IMG_0400.jpg
 photo IMG_0397.jpg
 photo IMG_0444.jpg
 photo IMG_0414.jpg
 photo IMG_0413.jpg
 photo IMG_0450.jpg
 photo IMG_0469.jpg
 photo IMG_0477.jpg
 photo IMG_0472.jpg

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