Snowed In 2015

It doesn't snow very often in Ms. In fact, the last time we had good decent snow was about 3 years ago. Every year after was just a tiny light dusting. So when we FINALLY got a good 6 inches of snow, we couldn't help but play in it for what felt like hours (really a solid 45 minutes because C's face was about to freeze off). We built a snowman, C ate several fist fulls of snow, threw numerous snow balls, and drank hot chocolate to warm us back up. It was a glorious two days of snow!

  photo IMG_1330.jpg photo IMG_1280.jpg photo IMG_1321.jpg
 photo IMG_1327.jpg photo IMG_1309.jpg photo IMG_1316.jpg
 photo IMG_1305.jpg photo IMG_1318.jpg
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Anna D Kart said...

This looks like so much fun!