The Lion King

I have been wanting to see The Lion King at the Orpheum for years now. When I found out they were coming again, I begged husband to take me. He didn't want to spend the money on two tickets. So, when my brother, Tommy, texted me and my sisters asking if we wanted to go with him for a sibling date night, I about lost it with happiness. We headed to Majestic Grill for an early dinner. We ate so fast in anticipation, that we had time to get some coffee at Tamp & Tap before rushing to the Orpheum to get our seats. This will sound majorly cheesy, but once the music started I got goosebumps and may have even teared up. Just such a good play. If you haven't been, you must must go! 

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So thankful for my sweet siblings! Wish the rest of them could have joined us.

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