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My goodness this child is growing. And too fast in my opinion

In the last two months or so, he's changed so drastically. Bye bye baby, hello little boy. With the exception of diapers and changing some clothes, he's pretty much independent in all areas. His vocabulary has escalated and he talks in full sentences half the time and I just want to melt. At 2.5 years old, these are some of his favorite things to do and say:

-play with trains all day every day. non stop.
-sleep with raggles and blankey
-eat "seereaall" (cereal)
-eat "fru nacks" (fruit snacks)
-wear his beeball shoes (see above)
-when you call him he responds "I right here" and points to his head
-his favorite people are phil (palmer), bobo (hunter) and judah
-he loves to see "Oh, that rugged cross my salvation" song all hours of the day. At night, during breakfast, in the car, in the morning. He knows it by heart and he belts it out.
-he also just loves to sing. I've never met a kid that can pick up a song and remember as quickly as he does.
-he likes reciting his memory verses, mostly with help, but occasionally on his own: Joel 2:13, Psalms 51:10, Lamentations 3:22-23 and John 1:19
-he loves say "lo-lo- okay", " hey lo-lo" (willow)
-he loves turning his fan on and off.
-he loves building trains
-he says "oh my goodness, so cool, how awesome, mama I need help, i luhhh uwe, see uwwee laaadderr"
-made up his own song choo choo choo or a plane
-can spot a train or railroad crossing from a mile away and screams "ailode ossing"
-plays to himself
-reads to himself and loves books
-will do anything Judah williams does and loves his BFF
- he is super mischievous and can't be left alone
-could eat cheese for every meal, and blueberries, mac n cheese.
-its a great eater and will eat whatever we give him most of the time.
-still loves a nap and takes a 2-4 hour nap every day.
-talks to himself constantly
-loves to let finn in and out of his crate and say "hushh innn"
-wants to see lolli and papa every day
-loves facetime
-even though he is not allowed to have our phones very often, he knows how to work it better than i do
-his idermaan (spiderman) and train shirt are his favorite ever
-loves zbo (grizzlies) and basketball
-"mama, air are uwe" is what i hear all day long.
-plays airplane in bed every night.
-wants to cuddle with me every night. hallelujah!
-always wants to go bye bye or live outside.
-loves lolo and plays well with her
-polar express, thomas the train, dinosaur train, and monsters inc are his favorite
-has the best curls you've ever seen.
-can name every train on thomas and friends
-absolutely loves to dance. all the time. 'ance mama, ance lolo, ance daddy, ance inn"

That's all I could think of for now. my goodness. I love this kid. I cherish everyday with him and praise the Lord for such a strong, healthy, precious little boy who is so full of personality and fun. Love you my sweet boy.


Patty said...

C has a "(w)raggles"? I would LOVE to see him with it sometime! My oldest two girls both had Wraggles. The girls and their Wraggles are now 26 and 23! I wonder if they're the same as C's?

Patty said...

And my goodness, your C is just precious!