Family Park Date

The last day of March was rather beautiful. Like perfect weather, forget cooking dinner, and go to a park perfect. We loaded the kids up after their afternoon naps and went to a park in OB. It's in an older neighborhood, so it's hardly busy. We were the only ones there. We let C play his little heart out. Afterwards we went to Sonic for dinner with the windows down. I love spring nights. If only this weather would last all year!

  photo IMG_2482.jpg
 photo IMG_2483.jpg photo IMG_2487.jpg photo IMG_2488.jpg photo IMG_2489.jpg
 photo IMG_2486.jpg
 As you could tell, C was really into taking a family selfie. Prepare yourself, this post is photo heavy.  photo IMG_2496.jpg
 photo IMG_2501.jpg
 photo IMG_2502.jpg photo IMG_2512.jpg photo IMG_2485.jpg photo IMG_2479.jpg photo IMG_2514.jpg photo IMG_2517.jpg photo IMG_2523.jpg photo IMG_2491.jpg photo IMG_2531.jpg
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 photo IMG_2540.jpg

 photo IMG_2528.jpg photo IMG_2536.jpg#sorrynotsorry for the million pics of me and W. I just couldn't get enough of her. As usual.

C and Dad playing Airplane. photo IMG_2527.jpg
 photo IMG_2526.jpg photo IMG_2478.jpg photo IMG_2561.jpg
We ended our night like almost every night with family worship time. Goodness I love this family of mine.

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