March Recap

March was a really hard month. Josh worked three jobs until his last days at One8 were done. (yay new job at Fund the Nations!). He also preached I think three/four sermons. He went out of town for 2 nights. I had 4-5 sessions. I also painted portraits for our friends adoption (and raised $730! for them). And I finally got my act together and blogged our NZ trip. It was such an incredibly busy month and on top of it all both babies were sick multiple times. We spent most of our days at home nursing them back to health.

As always, these monthly recap posts of photo heavy with pics taken on my phone or posted on IG. Legooooooo

 Little girl rockin the outfit brother picked out.
 photo IMG_1419.jpg

Saturday morning cartoons:
 photo IMG_1559.jpg photo IMG_1548.jpg photo IMG_1551.jpg  photo IMG_1547.jpg

past christmas but still sportin her christmas attire like a champ: 
 photo IMG_1442.jpg

Sick days were spent reading on the bed. This kid laid her for almost an hour. He loves reading. Amen.
 photo IMG_1596.jpg
 photo IMG_1591.jpg

W's first wedding (The Segars Wedding). She's wearing one of my old rompers.
 photo IMG_1576.jpg
 photo IMG_1573.jpg
 photo IMG_1578.jpg

oh the sick days. They left us feeling:  photo IMG_1648.jpg

This right here is why I instagram (and instagram often). The company Chatbooks turns all your photos into little books. C loooovvvesss reading these and naming all the people in them and what they are doing. The other day he read them for a solid hour. I love that I will have these little scrapbooks for my kids to read through and see our every day life. I haven't been blogging here as often, but I instagram almost everyday. So thankful for technology and being able to preserve our photos into these little books. Not mention they are the easiest things EVER to make.
 photo IMG_1698.jpg

Like I said before, March was a REALLY hard month. One night I was rushing the kiddos to somewhere. I had just finished changing willow diaper. Can stopped me, grabbed my face, moved the hair out the way, and said "it's okay mama" then hugged my head and kissed me. He repeated the entire thing about 10 times. I totally cried and josh snapped a photo. It will forever be one of my most favorite memories. That little man is turning into quite the sensitive, caring boy.
 photo IMG_1675.jpg

Another sick day, another BEAUTIFUL picture of my W girl.
 photo IMG_1639.jpg
 photo IMG_1637.jpg

Morning talks:
 photo IMG_1791.jpg photo IMG_1794.jpg

We took a family date to BellyAcre one friday night. It was a much needed night out and C LOVED the tractor!  photo IMG_1806.jpg
 photo IMG_1814.jpg

Sweet husband gave me an afternoon off. I went by myself to Target and to see a movie. It was GLORIOUS! But of course, I had to snuggle this girl before I left.
 photo IMG_1776.jpg
 photo IMG_1750.jpg

 photo IMG_1743.jpg

These two were supposed to be praying, but decided to play with Finn instead:
 photo IMG_1894.jpg photo IMG_1878.jpg

Love those wrist rolls and short, stubby fingers.
 photo IMG_1847.jpg

and once again... supposed to be praying. hahaha photo IMG_1831.jpg

I've been getting more into Essential Oils. I was such a be skeptic for a while, but they have totally be rocking my world.
 photo IMG_1916.jpg
 photo IMG_1944.jpg

His new wave and saying "heeeyyy ohhhh"
 photo IMG_1973.jpg

when brother naps, I get extra squeeze time with my girl :
 photo IMG_2070.jpg
 photo IMG_2064.jpg
 photo IMG_2059.jpg

Like father. Like son. Little man is OBSESSED with his new basketball shoes "beeball shews". He constantly calls himself a beeball playwer or "i dbo, i dbo" (ZBo from Memphis Grizzlies).
 photo IMG_2223.jpg
 photo IMG_2228.jpg

This girl is so expressive:
 photo IMG_2218.jpg
 photo IMG_2216.jpg
 photo IMG_2412.jpg
 photo IMG_2453.jpg
 photo IMG_2437.jpg
 photo IMG_2460.jpg

He is wearing choo choo, reading choo choo, singing choo choo, and watching choo choo. It's a bit absurd how much he loves them.
 photo IMG_2244.jpg

sleepy snuggles:
 photo IMG_2462.jpg
 photo IMG_2461.jpg

Nanny had unexpected heart surgery this month (quadrupole bypass). All the uncles flew into town to be with her. One Saturday, the entire family got together for lunch and all the little cousins watched a movie in bed. Nanny's surgery went great and she is on the mend!
 photo IMG_2381_1.jpg

got new hair this month. FINALLY:  photo IMG_1989.jpg

Bye March! Come on April!! Please bring us better weather and no sickness!!!

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