New Zealand. Day One.

Oh good gracious. How has it already been almost three months since we returned from New Zealand. I had every intent of blogging our trip immediately, but then life happened and busyness set in. So, here we are. But hey! Better late than never, right?

I'll go ahead and prepare you. These posts will be quite photo heavy, but I wouldn't have it any other way. I can't say thanks enough to my wonderful Mother-in-law for taking us on this once in a life time trip. When she told us a year ago that it may happen, I honestly never thought I'd see the day. I mean, a trip to NZ?? How was that dream ever going to come true. Willow was born just in the nick of time to get her passport. We had to make an overnight drive to Arkansas just to pick it up. That trip alone made us realize that a carseat and packnplay were a must for NZ.

We left before the sun came up on Christmas morning December 2014. We seemed to fit everything into three pieces of luggage and quite a few carry ons. We flew from Memphis to Denver, Denver to San Fran, and San Fran to Auckland, NZ. 26 hours total of travel. Phew.

We covered this trip in heavy prayer several months before we even left. Traveling with a two year old and a two month old seemed pretty daunting and I knew it was by God's grace only we would not lose our sanity. The Lord definitely answered our prayers because the kiddos did amazing. Like seriously, I couldn't even believe it. Canaan was more than superb on our flights there. He just sat in his carseat for all flights watching movies, reading, or playing with toys. Never crying or fussying. He was a dream. Willow slept, and slept, and slept. We had a few issues nursing on the long flight to NZ. I think because of the pressure, but I honestly can't even complain about that. She slept for most of that long flight. C ran up and down the people movers in the airports and we would explore during layovers. It was all still so exhausting, but I'm so amazed and thankful for how awesome they did. Maybe I'll do a post with my tips for traveling with two littles. Biggest tip: cover it in prayer!  photo IMG_9279.jpg photo IMG_9303.jpg photo IMG_9289.jpg photo IMG_9286.jpg photo IMG_9294.jpg

Once we arrived in NZ, we went straight to Daniel and Brie's (my husband's brother and his finace) house. We chilled there for a bit, dropped off our luggage at her parent's house (i'll post pics of later) grabbed breakfast at an adorable cafe, took naps, then headed off to a local beach, then grocery shopping, then late night pizza. Phew, it was a world wind of a first day but oh so wonderful! Prepare yourself again, I will use the adjective wonderful many times in these NZ posts.

Canaan at the cafe CHEESIN it up. This kid loved being the center of attention all trip long. 

 photo IMG_9843.jpg photo IMG_9840.jpg photo IMG_9839.jpg photo IMG_9841.jpg photo IMG_9842.jpg photo newzealand-001.jpg photo newzealand-016.jpg photo newzealand-002.jpg photo newzealand-006.jpg photo newzealand-004.jpg photo newzealand-003.jpg photo newzealand-007.jpg photo newzealand-009.jpg photo newzealand-011.jpg photo newzealand-012.jpg photo newzealand-005.jpg photo newzealand-010.jpg photo newzealand-013.jpg photo IMG_9319.jpg

 photo IMG_9322.jpg photo newzealand-017.jpg photo newzealand-015.jpg

Planning to back date these in a few weeks so that they actually appear in the right month for my archives HA!

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