While they sleep

A couple nights ago, W fell asleep in my arms. She was so hard asleep, I couldn't help but snap some pics and pose her:) And just because I couldn't leave him out, a few of C "napping" at the end. Also, I'm promising myself right here and right now to use my "big girl camera" more when snapping pics of my babies. My iphone is alwasy just so handy, but these would be so much better if I had used my canon. Oh well, just glad I have them!

 photo IMG_2112.jpg photo IMG_2111.jpg photo IMG_2110.jpg photo IMG_2113.jpg photo IMG_2109.jpg photo IMG_2105.jpg photo IMG_2106.jpg

 photo IMG_2107.jpg photo IMG_2138.jpg photo IMG_2146.jpg photo IMG_2135.jpg

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