Willow is 5 months!

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My sweet Willow girl, somehow you are five months.

It's like i blinked and you were grown. I feel you've changed soooo much since last month. You've definitely gotten chubbier, which i love love love. You are so close to sitting up on your own. You barely roll over front to back (just aren't a fan of tummy time). We broke you free of your woombie today and you haven't liked it so far. You still take three naps a day, but the third nap is always shorter. This month I've given you cereal and applesauce in the mornings only, and you seem to really enjoy them. You giggle and smile so much more and it melts my heart. You definitely are obsessed with C and Finn. You aren't the biggest fan of bath time. You weight 14lbs 15oz at a doc appointment 2 weeks ago. You are wearing size 2 diapers and most 3-6 month clothing is too small but 6 month clothing too big. Although, I think they will probably fit in no time with the rate your growing. You still sleep 8:30/9-8am with no wake ups, praise the Lord. This past month you really started reaching for things, staying focused on certain items, and hate you carseat more than ever ha! It's been the best month with you little one. Every day I'm more and more thankful the Lord blessed us with a little girl, with you. You're the sweetest thing this side of heaven and I pray everyday the Lord continues to let you grow big and strong.

We love you Willa girl!


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Caroline Gillentine said...

Looking more and more like C! She's so precious! #babyfever