UPDATE: now taking a second round of orders until FRIDAY, MAY 15th!! 

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So glad I can finally talk about our adoption process again! I'll go into full detail about it in a separate post tomorrow (so come back for that), but today I just wanted to give you a brief timeline to catch everyone up to date. We are currently pursing a domestic adoption.

-started the adoption process in May of 2013
-home-study completed and on waiting list in Oct 2013
-learned we were pregnant Feb 2014 with Willow
-our agency put our adoption on hold in May 2014 so we could have bonding time with W
-W born in October of 2014
-our agency allows us to go back active this month, April 2015.
-We have decided to take April, May, and June of this year to redo our paperwork, update our profile book, and raise a few funds before we want to be put back on the waiting list at the end of June/early July 2015.

We have chosen to wait a few more months for various reasons, and we hope to better mentally prepare (if that's even possible) for three children under three. Haha. We are so thankful for the Lord's sovereignty and guidance, and that we can rest assured in His perfect timing and will.

Now that you're briefly updated. Lets talk about the Memphis Grizzlies.

Adoption and Memphis Grizzlies have one thing in common: Us. We love them both. Upon watching a play off game earlier this week, the genius idea to combine the two struck. My husband works for FUND THE NATIONS. They are a company devoted to helping others raise funds for missions, adoptions, etc. So, with the help of a sweet friend donating her talented handwriting skills, our shirt was born. I love supporting our Grizz, but have never seemed to find a "girly" shirt for the team that I truly loved. So, the idea to create one and have the proceeds support our adoption seemed golden.

There are TWO OPTIONS for all you lady Grizz fans:

Heathered Blue: GRIT. GRIND. repeat. 
printed on a soft Canvas brand shirt. Fits wonderfully and feels amazing. Unisex sizing.

 photo IMG_3213.jpg

Heathered Grey: GRIT. GRIND. repeat
printed on a soft Canvas brand shirt. Fits wonderfully and feels amazing. Unisex sizing.
 photo IMG_3216.jpg

printed on a soft Canvas brand shirt. Fits wonderfully and feels amazing. Unisex sizing.The first two shirts were made for the ladies, but after getting some feedback that the guys felt left out (mainly husband haha) we decided to introduce the "We Grind Here" shirt. It's for both men and women. Sizes XS-3XL available. It is only offered on this Heathered NAVY shirt.
 photo image1.jpg

SHIRT SIZES: Extra Small-3XL. 

Fit: These shirts are a little less generous, so if you are between sizes, order a size up. I can wear a small comfortably, but I can also wear a medium without it appearing too baggy. They are ULTRA soft and I personally love the fit! Here is a sizing chart for more reference

 photo Bella__Canvas_3001_Spec_Sheet.jpg

TO ORDER: Please read everything below thoroughly

Simply click the "Donate" button below. ALL SHIRTS ARE $23.00 AND I WILL ONLY BE TAKING ORDERS UNTIL FRIDAY, MAY 15th!!!. On Saturday, May 16th I will submit the order and have the shirts to you in 2 weeks at the earliest.

I WILL NOT ACCEPT CASH OR CHECK IN PERSON. Please buy through the paypal button (you don't have to have a paypal account, you can check out as a guest) since this is the easiest way to keep up with all orders. Also, at check out, please leave your MAILING ADDRESS, WHICH SHIRT AND COLOR, AND SHIRT SIZE in the NOTES SECTION.

Again: all shirts are $23.00. 

THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU from the bottom of our hearts for supporting our adoption!!!!

if you have any further questions, please email me at Katie dot kubler at yahoo dot com.

If you'd like to read more about our process, come back tomorrow or click the label below titled "Domestic Adoption" for past blog posts.


lindley said...

Kate! I kid you not, this morning I was searching online for a unique-ish Grizz shirt for me! Couldn't find anything I really loved. Just thought, oh well. Then, I saw this post on Twitter via Choose 901! I'm so thankful to have found it and absolutely love supporting an adoption! Praying things get sorted out and that all goes smoothly!
And, GO GRIZZ!!!
:) lindley

Meagan Perry said...

I am adopted and stumbled on this and this is AWESOME! I will be ordering as soon as I can measure for the right size! Adoption is such a special thing. :)

Anna D Kart said...

how cute! You guys are my inspiration for adoption one day!

Happy Medley

Denielle Saitta said...

Hey! I was wondering if yall will be doing another order. I ordered one and love it but the color got messed up in washer so it's ruined now.