April Recap

Phew this was a buys buys month!!Here is a look back via iphone photos.

C makes an airplane. This kid. His imagination. Un real. 

 photo IMG_2587.jpg

Picnic outside with C while Willow naps. 
 photo IMG_2605.jpg
 photo IMG_2603.jpg photo IMG_2595.jpg
 love this sweet girl.  photo IMG_2597.jpg
 photo IMG_2745.jpg
 photo IMG_2723.jpg photo IMG_2713.jpg

I like to start my mornings off with a nice big cup of Willow. 
 photo IMG_2788.jpg
 photo IMG_2785.jpg

 Our sweet friend Jett was born! April 6th! photo IMG_2789.jpg

I was taking a picture of W and C decided he must be in it.

 photo IMG_2793.jpg photo IMG_2796.jpg
 photo IMG_2798.jpg
 photo IMG_2802.jpg

 we love playing on Mudgie's new porch photo IMG_2822.jpg

 this girl thinks her daddy is hysterical.  photo IMG_2838.jpg photo IMG_2825.jpg

 I could eat her up I love her so. photo IMG_2855.jpg

 C wasn't feeling very good and decided we must cuddle all morning. I didn't hate it one bit.  photo IMG_2856.jpg
 photo IMG_2859.jpg
 photo IMG_2860.jpg

oh these two, they've stolen my heart.

 photo IMG_2898.jpg

W 6 month check up!
 photo IMG_2950.jpg

yummy baby chubs.  photo IMG_3017.jpg
 photo IMG_3085.jpg photo IMG_3087.jpgI creepily watch her sleep sometimes.... and him.  photo IMG_3093.jpg
 photo IMG_3090.jpg photo IMG_3232_1.jpg

 Another day, another random cuddle session.  photo IMG_3246.jpg
 photo IMG_3249.jpg
 photo IMG_3251.jpg
 JUDAH TURNS 3!!! photo IMG_3252.jpg
 photo IMG_3265.jpg
 First time bathing together. C loved it just a tad more than W.

 photo IMG_3358.jpg
 watching brother and dad play basketball.  photo IMG_3365.jpg

 C wearing daddy's shirt to bed. He was so so proud.  photo IMG_3386.jpg

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