C Says. Vol 1

2.5 years old

"I right here, Tanaan white here" - when you ask where he is and he points to head

"C beeball playwer"

Willow tooted loudly: "ohhhh lolo poot??" Yes son, W pooted. He then runs to her, smells her diaper and says " ohhh lolo big poooot"

"I don't like it" when you make him finish eating what he's already been eating for the past then minutes. 
  photo IMG_3114.jpg

"don't do dat daddy/momma" - when he's rebelling and getting in trouble or when we embarrass him

" daaaannnceee, guys" - whenever music comes on. seriously. all the time.  photo IMG_3115.jpg

"I dbo, I dbo" - He loves Zbo from the Grizzlies

After hubs said the prayers one night (March 30th). C said "I pray" and then said "pray for lolli, poppa, and nanny. ohhh nanny booboo. Prayer nanny big booboo. Nanny okay. Nanny okay" - nanny had just had a quadrupole bypass

"Pray for lolli, poppa, judah, ben, bobo, judah, phil, erin" - his routine prayer
  photo IMG_3121.jpg

 Any spider he sees is an "idy bidy pider" and spider webs are "idy bidy pider wep".

if W cries "lolo okay, lolo okay?"

When finn barks "shhhhhhhhh sin" photo IMG_3120.jpg

C, what was your favorite thing about today "chicken and fwiesss (fries)". never fails, even if he didn't have them, that's what he says. hilarious.

"momma biggg hugg" - every night. heart. melt.

"ucky beedle/pider bug"

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Anna D Kart said...

I love reading those! My son is in that cute talking stage too...

Happy Medley