Easter 2015 & Film

We had such a great Easter. Saturday, we went to an egg hunt. We do the same one every year with East Point Church. It's so well organized and C always gets a good but not absurd amount of eggs. This year he braved the moon bounce and LOVED it. He's been intimidated by them in the past, but he finally realized how much fun they were. We hardly got him out of it.  photo IMG_2622.jpg photo IMG_2625.jpg  photo IMG_2621.jpg

  photo IMG_2633.jpg photo IMG_2626.jpg

 photo IMG_2647.jpg photo IMG_2637.jpgWe came home after for lunch and naps. That evening we went out for dinner then came home to paint some eggs. I knew dye would get every where and stain C's hands so we just used water colors. Then we all watched a movie.  photo IMG_2648.jpg photo IMG_2649.jpg photo easter2015-014.jpg
 photo easter2015-011.jpg

This year C was still so small, but we tried to tell him often the reason we celebrate Easter. I'm really looking forward to next year and him understanding just a little bit more hopefully. I look my camera to church that morning to snap a few pics of us and the service.
 so thankful for the ladies I get to serve with on staff. These three ladies are some of my closets friends. I couldn't imagine doing life without them.

 photo easter2015-007.jpg photo easter2015-008.jpg photo easter2015-005.jpg
 photo easter2015-006.jpg photo easter2015-004.jpg photo easter2015-003.jpg photo easter2015-002.jpg photo easter2015-001.jpg

This year we did an Easter Egg hunt for littles at my parents. I recorded them coming out and hunting in the backyard at my parents. I also filmed everyone and caught some really sweet moments.... and then I realized I wasn't actually recording. Cool. So, we redid it! The kids weren't too happy at first, but they got over it haha. Josh decided to record this time and I'm so glad he did. He's a hilarious narrator. I left the sound because it was just too good at some moments. The background music is Sow&Tether (the best christian band in my opinion). Anyways, here is the video. I barely edited it, but so glad to have it!

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