New Zealand. Day Seven.

I think it would be safe to say that DAY SEVEN of NZ was C's favorite. We played around the house that morning and then went to ride an old Steam engine. It was about a 15 minute ride to the next town over, the historic Waiuku. We explored the town, ate some yummy food, and then rode the train back. On the ride over, they stopped halfway to let you explore the train yard. There happened to be a Thomas the Train in one of the work shops. C was a little star struck and did not, under any circumstance, want to touch Thomas. He just wanted to look in awe. It was hilarious how still and concentrated he was looking at Thomas. He was so fascinated by the entire experience. He loved watching the train pull in and pull out of the station. He made the cutest faces every time it blew it whistle. Sweet boy talked about it the rest of the trip. This day may have been my favorite too just because of how happy it made him.

  photo IMG_9653.jpg
  photo IMG_9647.jpg photo IMG_9632.jpg
 photo newzealand-127.jpg photo newzealand-129.jpg photo newzealand-131.jpg photo newzealand-128.jpg photo newzealand-130.jpg photo IMG_9671.jpg photo IMG_9762.jpg photo IMG_9763.jpg photo newzealand-147.jpg photo newzealand-148.jpg photo newzealand-149.jpg photo newzealand-146.jpg photo newzealand-133.jpg photo newzealand-134.jpg photo IMG_9715.jpg photo newzealand-135.jpg photo IMG_9704.jpg photo IMG_9695.jpg photo newzealand-137.jpgThis was an old Hotel now turned bar/pub. It used to sit right on the river and was built in the early 1900s I believe.  photo newzealand-136.jpg
 photo IMG_9680.jpg photo newzealand-143.jpg photo newzealand-140.jpg photo newzealand-139.jpg photo newzealand-142.jpg photo newzealand-141.jpg photo newzealand-138.jpgAll he wanted was to go back to the train, could you tell by his face? ha! photo newzealand-125.jpg
 photo IMG_9725.jpg photo newzealand-144.jpg photo newzealand-145.jpg photo newzealand-124.jpg photo newzealand-150.jpg
 ^this was taken as we were leaving the train. He was not real happy about having to get off. We ended up letting him play on a train playground while I nursed willow. It was an old train turned into a jungle gym. Little man was in heaven.

  photo IMG_9891.jpg
 Just a little worn out from his long day.


Cassie Lee @ Sage the Blog said...

C's hair is the BOMB.

Anna D Kart said...

My son is crazy over trains and he would like literally die and go to heaven if he saw the train!
Looks like you guys had so much fun...

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