New Zealand. Day Six & our NZ home

We woke up DAY SIX just exhausted from Hobbiton and the Glow Worm Caves. We had gotten in really late the night before, so we decided to have an easy morning. We let the kiddos nap and play around the house.  That afternoon we drove out to Hunua Falls. This place was beautiful. We dipped our feet in the cold water, hiked up to a look out point (side note: hiking in flip flops while carrying a baby and holding a two year by the hand isn't really advised when one side is a complete drop off... just gunna throw that out there. But it was fun, and we did all live, so it was win), and then headed for dinner at a yummy Thai restaurant.

 photo IMG_9548.jpgI'm sorry, she's just the cutest thing I've ever seen. She's so tiny there!  photo newzealand-121.jpg
 photo IMG_9587.jpg photo IMG_9559.jpg photo IMG_9575.jpg photo newzealand-123.jpg

  photo IMG_9583.jpg photo IMG_9572.jpg photo IMG_9579.jpg

I've said it before, but I could have lived at that Waterfall. It was the perfect temperature that day and the water was just so refreshing. C was not a fan of the water, go figure. That kid just isn't a big fan of getting wet or dirty. But, I did manage to get him close to the water. As you can tell, he wasn't to happy with me about it.


I took a couple shots of our NZ, but I wish I had taken more. We stayed with my sister-in-laws parents. Their home is over 100 years old. It was nestled on several acres of land. Josh, W, and I stayed in one room, and Cstayed in the room next door. This house screamed character. Hard wood floors, giant doors and ceilings, crown molding that made your jaw drop, large windows in every room, beautiful tile, and door knobs placed so high on the door that little two year olds couldn't escape! One thing I couldn't get over was that they never locked their doors or closed the windows, even at night or when they left. It threw me off for a couple of days, but then I got used to it. There were no bugs and the weather was always nice thanks to the breeze and shade. Everything in NZ is brighter and greener and lusher. We spent many days just walking around the house and land. One day we even had a picnic underneath the big tree and just enjoyed the cool breeze. I miss this house almost every single day. It truly felt like home.
  photo IMG_9596.jpg photo IMG_9589.jpg photo IMG_9588.jpg
  photo IMG_9597.jpg
 Cute little shed/girl craft room! This is also where Bri got ready the day of the wedding
  photo IMG_9557_1.jpg
 This is the view out of our bathroom. Bri's mom, Helen, had so many beautiful gardens. I had to get used to no blinds on the bathroom window and a clear shower! Ha! There was no need for privacy because no one lived around them.
  photo IMG_9594.jpg

 Their land. Goodness I miss this place so much and wish I had taken more pictures of it or our bedroom.

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