New Zealand. The End.

I still can't get over the fact that we went to New Zealand. And with two kiddos!!! I have to give all the credit to the Lord. It was only by His grace that every thing went so smoothly. We covered that trip in prayer constantly, and He was faithful to answer. The last day in NZ we spent doing laundry and packing.
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We said our good byes and then headed to a last minute lunch before going to the airport. Our 13 flight back to LA took off at 7pm. The kiddos did amazing again. C slept more on this long flight then on the one over to NZ. W didn't sleep as much, but she didn't fuss either!! Once we landed in LA time FLEW BY! We were so rushed to make the connecting flight to Houston that we didn't even eat dinner. Then once we landed in Houston we were so rushed to make our flight to Memphis that we had to grab dinner on the run and eat it on the plane. I don't know if I was glad or not that we were so rushed. On one hand it was super stressful and exhausting and on the other it made the day fly by and before we knew it we were home. It was also the shortest day we've ever lived because of time change ha!

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Once we were home (around 11pm), both babies passed out and we all slept in the next morning. C & W adjusted back pretty easily. Hubs and I , however, seemed to take weeks to get adjusted to the time change.

There are so many memories that didn't get recorded on these blog posts. Josh and I agreed once we got home that it seemed as if C grew into a big boy over that trip. He learned so many new words and phrases. He was so resilient and overall so well behaved. It was seriously a dream of a trip. We really debated over taking him with us or leaving him with family for those two weeks and I can't say enough how GLADDDD I am that we took him. If you are debating traveling with little ones, do it do it do it!! It's hard and exhausting a times, but so rewarding and joyful the rest. Thank you momma Kubler for taking us. For giving us the most amazing gift and adventure. It is one we will remember for the rest of our lives.

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