taking stock 005

Making : myself blog more. hello, mom of two.
Cooking : not enough. seriously, i gotta get on this.
Drinking : coconut oil. well, not swallowing it. have you read up on coconut oil pulling? do it.
Reading: every blog and tip on potty training. knee deep in day 2 of potty training C. Prayers please.
Wanting: time to slow the mess down
Looking: at pictures from our NZ that I finally blogged. I miss it I miss it I miss it.
Playing: outside with C while W naps. Sooooo glad we can finally play outside!
Wasting: energy trying to keep this house clean but alas, it's a must.
Trusting: in the Lord.
Sewing: hahahahaha. nothing. Sewing nothing.
Wishing: for once I could keep finger nail polish on longer than 2 seconds
Enjoying: zero food thanks to an awful tongue infection? burnt taste buds? I don't know what it is but we are one week in and it's the worst.
Waiting: on our adoption to pick up or house to sell or not to sell or whatever the Lord has for us next
Liking: all of the baby pictures on IG. #babyfever #yesalready
Wondering: if Willow will have curls like C
Loving: being a SAHM. This is a constant, but just really thankful.
Hoping: to take a beach vacation this year. i. need. beach.
Marveling: over the fact that I have so many amazing ladies in my life. abundantly blessed.
Needing: more time in the day to accomplish my todo list a mile long
Anticipating: meeting my sweet bestie's baby later today, Little Jordan Jett Bobo was born yesterday
Contemplating: cutting my hair OFFFFFFF
Smelling: my salted caramel popcorn candle allll day long. seriously yum.
Wearing: last nights pjs see "reading"
Following: my man. i love that he leads our family so well.
Noticing: spring leaves blooming. HELLO spring, you were seriously missed this dark winter.
Knowing: Jesus is enough.
Thinking: it's about time i get my tattoo already.
Praying: for babies for friends. like seriously. Lord, give them babies!
Bookmarking: interior design inspiration. like always
Opening: chatbooks in the mail. love getting those tiny, wonderful collections of memories.
Giggling: at C all day long. This kid a such a ham.
Feeling: bittersweet. Little W is learning to sit and I love it and hate it. Please stop growing. but don't stop.

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