That time I won mother of the year.

There is a lot of construction going on behind our house for some new homes being built. It's basically C's dream come true. The weather has been so nice lately, we've been taking lots of post dinner walks to get some energy out before bed. Last night, we let C get on the big tractor and his day was MADE.

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 He kept that big cheesy grin on this face the entire time. My goodness. Being this kids mom is just the absolute best.

And because it's too funny not to share, yesterday morning C really wanted to go on a morning walk. I got everyone ready to go and realize I only had the single stroller. The double was in josh's car. When I tried to tell C we couldn't go, he had a meltdown. I decided it wasn't worth it, put him in the single stroller and tried to carry W. But that didn't last long. The basket underneath the seat is roomy and spacious so down in the basket little girl went. She loved every minute of it and even fell asleep. That afternoon, I had a knock on the door. It was the mom club awarding me mother of the year. Don't judge. I was desperate and it was safe.
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