Willow is SIX months.

 photo Wmonth6-001.jpg photo Wmonth6-003.jpg photo Wmonth6-004.jpg photo Wmonth6-007.jpg photo Wmonth6-009.jpg photo Wmonth6-002.jpg photo Wmonth6-008.jpg photo Wmonth6-011.jpg

oh my stars SOMEONE HOLD ME!!!!!!!!!!!


how are you 6 months?????? seriously, how. I promise, yesterday you were snoozing on my chest, barely able to ever stay away. So tiny. So small. I swear I just birthed you. Time is a real butt sometimes. I'm just not ready at all to have you be 6 months old. File this rant under NOT READY AND IN DENIAL!!!!!!!!!!!

you are just so big. Goodness. You are trying so hard to sit up on your own and you will be before i know it. You rolling over all the time, and you have started talking NON stop. I love it. We went to the doctor today. You weigh 15.11lbs and are 26inches long. Perfectly average in height and weight. You are wearing size 2 diapers and 6 month clothing. You still nurse 5 times a day and are eating rice cereal in the mornings and a fruit or veggie at night. You are still taking 3 naps a day, although I think we will go down to two soon. You aren't cutting any teeth yet, but the doc said you will probably cut one in the next week or two. You are still sleeping 8:20pm-8:00am straight. You are the smiliest baby around. You've yet to be really giggly, but I'll talk the sweet gummy smiles all day. You have the best temperament and seem to always be content (unless it's eating time... then you don't play). You think C and Finn are so funny and you love to watch them. You smile constantly. Have I said that already? Cause you do.

Oh Little girl. you are such a joy to us! We love you so much!!

and just to walk down memory lane... here is C at six months. Cue tissues.


Anna D Kart said...

i cannot believe she is 6mo already! She has the most beautiful blue eye and such a sweet little smile! like mama!

Happy Medley

Julie F said...

I love this post and those pictures she is so adorable! My son just turned 6 months-- it is such a fun stage! That watermelon pillow is so cute too ;)