a day in the life: 2 kid addition

Oh man, has it been soooo long since I've done a day in the life post. Last time I did one, C was 9 months! ha!

Let's play a quick game of catch up shall we?

Before Willow was born. C woke up at 8am. We ate breakfast and played our little hearts out until 1:30-2. He then went down for a nap until 4:30 and then play our hearts out again until bedtime at 8:15pm.

Once Willow was born, C stayed on the same exact schedule, but mine changed quite a good bit. I meant to do a day in the life post with Willow while she was doing 3 naps a day, but time got away from me... so you guess it, let's play a quick game of catch up.

Willow Birth to 6 months: 
Willow wakes up at 8. I nurse her and then get brother up at 8:30. C and I eat breakfast and W goes down for another nap at 9:30. C and I play, get house stuff done, etc. She wakes up at 11:30 for another nursing session. C gets a snack at this time to keep him preoccupied. 12 noon C and I eat lunch and willow plays on her play mat. at 12:30 she is down for her second nap. C and I would usually go outside in the front or back yard at this time. Days I had to run errands, little girl just slept in her carrier. 2pm C goes down for a nap. 2:30 Willow was up for her next nursing session. I LOVED this time during the day when I got one on one time with my girl. For that one hour it was just me and her. I s.o.a.k.e.d. it up! major cuddling going on. at 3:30/4 she went down for her last nap. 5:30pm both babies up. Willow got yet another nursing session or bottle and C played with dad. We'd eat in, have people over, or eat out. both babies in bed at 8:15pm. I usually nursed willow one last time and josh got C ready for bed. We do family worship and prayers. After babies were in bed, josh and I would both just crash on the couch and high five. We had time to ourselves to get projects done, watch tv, and be absolutely lazy.

Our schedule now is just a little different. And might I say, more glorious! Willow is down to two naps a day.

Both babies wake up at 8am. I nurse Willow first and then we get brother out of bed. 

8:30am: breakfast & thomas the train for C. I workout
9:15/9:30: Willow is down for her first nap and I eat breakfast.
10-11:30: C and I play, play, play. Some days he watches a few cartoons while I pick up house, edit photos, or shower. Usually though,I really try to limit TV. He loves to read, play trains, or airplane. I'm so thankful this kid has such a fantastic imagination.
 photo IMG_3012.jpg11:30: W is up and I nurse her while C eats a snack.
12-2:30pm: We all three eat lunch, play, run errands, take a walk, etc.
If we happen to stay home that day, C goes down for a nap around 1:40 or 2.  photo IMG_3005.jpg2:15/2:30pm: Willow nurses and goes down for her 2nd nap.
3-5pm: ALL THE STARS ALIGN AND BOTH BABIES NAP!!!!!!! I hustle like a crazy woman during this time to shower, edit photos, blog, weave, clean, or dinner prep. But I can't even lie, some days this momma needs her own nap.  photo IMG_3012.jpg photo IMG_3008.jpg4:30pm: Josh is home and I prep dinner.
5pm: C is up from nap and playing with Josh while I cook
5:30pm: Josh feeds Willow a bottle
6pm: Dinner
6:30-8:15pm: We play outside, run errands, take a walk, play basketball, watch a family movie, go to friends houses, etc. photo IMG_2992.jpg photo IMG_2997.jpg
8:15pm. I nurse Willow while Josh gets C ready for bed. Then we all say prayers, read a book, and kids are tucked in.

8:30pm. Josh and I crash on the couch, high five, and thank Jesus for another day with these babies.

And all these pics are of Willow have nothing to do with this post really, but I just couldn't help but post them. Good grief I love her so much it hurts. Please Lord let me have more girls!

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