Family Date to the Collierville Trains

We are all about some family dates around here. We are also all about yummy food. We are also alllll about trains. Well, one more than the other... betcha can't guess which one? photo IMG_4111.jpg  photo IMG_4110.jpg
  photo IMG_4113.jpg

We took the kiddos the the Collierville square last Saturday. Canaan was in heaven. We started with grabbing lunch at the Silver Caboose. The entire inside is dedicated to trains. Pictures of them everywhere, not to mention the 5 that drive around the ceiling. It was awesome. Train Heaven. Afterwards, we let C ride this little train for quarter. Again, heaven.  photo IMG_4153.jpgLittle girl was just as smiley as ever. And hello first little tooth!!!!

There are some old trains parked for touring. We've come to visit these several times in the past and each time C loves it more and more.  photo IMG_4130.jpg photo IMG_4132.jpg photo IMG_4120.jpg

  photo IMG_4125.jpg photo IMG_4128.jpg photo IMG_4133.jpg

After those, we were going to stop for a treat from an ice cream shop, but the line was way to long. So instead we took some pictures by this awesome mural before heading home for naps.  photo IMG_4139.jpg

  photo IMG_4147.jpg photo IMG_4146.jpg

  photo IMG_4151.jpg

We will clearly be going back here over and over again. This little man is so obsessed with trains.

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