Grit and Grinding for baby # 3

We are getting pretty excited around here for Kubler baby #3 to join the crew (hopefully somepoint this year)! We've been steadily raising money and completing paperwork. We are still waiting on the green light from the Lord as to when to tell our agency to make us active again (meaning we will officially be on the waiting list). It's getting easier to be content in this season of waiting and that's only because of the Lord's grace. I sometimes so badly want to see the big picture and know why He's called us to wait momentarily, but I also know it can only mean it's for His good and ours.

The Grizz shirts we sold to fundraise came in a few weeks back, and we take every chance we get to rep them! Even the littles got in on it, and I have to say, they are the cutest little grizz fans ever!  photo IMG_3940_1.jpg photo IMG_3878.jpg
 photo IMG_3863.jpg
 photo IMG_3876.jpg photo IMG_3721.jpg
 photo IMG_3884.jpg
 photo IMG_3745.jpg photo IMG_3944_1.jpg photo IMG_3890.jpg
There is so much more room on our bed just waiting for our next little one to fill with giggles.

Oh little one, you are so loved, wanted, and prayed for. We can't WAITTTTTTTTTT to meet you and smoother you in kisses. Until then, we will just be over here praying our faces off for you and your brave birth momma.

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