May Recap

Well May came and went quicker than I could blink. How is it over already?
We started the month off saying THANKKK YOUUU to everyone who bought a Grizz shirt! photo IMG_3522.jpgand as always, whenever willow is look extra cute (which is everyday) I have to snap pics of her. This little outfit was killing me.  photo IMG_3531.jpg photo IMG_3559.jpg photo IMG_3536.jpg

 Happy girl! photo IMG_3582_1.jpg

 C is working on being gentle. Key word: working.  photo IMG_3640.jpg

 We love Mudgy's new porch and spend as much time out there as we can!  photo IMG_3652.jpg
 photo IMG_3651.jpg photo IMG_3654.jpg

Hers and Little Hers photo IMG_3687.jpg
 Snuggle bunnies in bed while I work out in the mornging photo IMG_3708.jpg
 photo IMG_3707_1.jpg

 I can't get over this girl. JUST THE CUTEST photo IMG_3720.jpg
 photo IMG_3712.jpg
My mom and auds and I went to a huge vintage pop up market a couple weeks back. We each bought what's in the photo with us. I love my vintage photo display.  photo IMG_3730.jpgAfter I told him to love her less... photo IMG_3849.jpg

 playing with brother's toys while he naps. score! photo IMG_3912.jpg
 I can't handle her cuteness. It's unreal. She's learning to sit and doing soooo well! photo IMG_4004.jpg

 This is where you can find C most days. Sitting here, reading away. This kid spends a solid hour or longer each day reading. I love it! photo IMG_4027.jpg

 While brother napped one day, I ate homemade Kale chips and completed some adoption paper work while W laid there looking all cute.  photo IMG_4060.jpg
 How I found her one morning.... what even? photo IMG_4101.jpg

Summer nights with friends, coffee punch, and good for the soul conversations.  photo IMG_4281.jpg

saving this for their wedding slide show.  photo IMG_4282.jpg
She never falls asleep on me anymore, so the other night when this happened, I just soaked it in.  photo IMG_4291.jpg

 I mentioned to my brother, Ricky, a few weeks back that I wanted a growth ruler. Three days later he showed up with this! I LOVE IT! photo IMG_4176.jpg
 Taught C how to vacuum the other day. He was equally excited and terrified.
 photo IMG_4304.jpg
 She will sit in this spot with brother all day if I let her. It's the most content place there is for her.  photo IMG_4314.jpg

 photo IMG_4315.jpg

Learning our memory verses
 photo IMG_4316.jpg

After dinner park and sno cone date with my crew! photo IMG_4327.jpg

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