Potty Training C

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 recording this all for my own memory. Potty trained him last month at exactly 2.5 years old. Took a good month for it to really click.

I think I can say potty training has been one of the hardest milestones/parenting/disciplines I've yet to experience with motherhood. For all those that have an easy go, God Bless you. For all those who were in the trenches battling your sanity, God bless you all the more. You deserve cookies. all the cookies. We, unfortunately, were the latter.

We had been debating when to potty train C. I was desperately over both kiddos being in diapers, but I didn't want to rush C when he wasn't ready. For a few weeks he had started talking about the potty. We would randomly ask him if he wanted to use it to which he always responded "nooooo". Then one night, he told husband he wanted to use the potty. And he did. And we praised the mess out of him and he thought he was the stuff.  Over the next few days he showed real interest in the potty, so we decided it was time.

On a Monday in April, I set up our bathroom as a "Potty Training Quarantine". Complete with toys, a tv, chair, towels, books, salty snacks, lots of juice, and a phone charger. He woke up that morning and first thing we did was put on underwear and go to the potty. That day he had about two accidents. I offered juice constantly and we made about nine bajillion trips to the bathroom. When he would start to pee in underwear, he would freeze or call out and we'd rush to the potty. Day one was a success in my book. day two went pretty much the same way. A few pee accidents but it was kind of clicking. He really didn't want to poop in the potty and had a poop accident I believe, but again normal. On the third day, we went to visit friends in a hospital. We were terrified he would have an accident but he didn't. whoop whoop! The rest of that week he did pretty well. He seemed to have peeing down, pooping was just much harder for him to get. He would poop in the potty when we made him, but he never told us when he needed to go and he had multiple accidents. A new week came, and he seemed to be getting it. Yet another week came, and it all went down hill. He started having accident after accident both peeing and pooping. It's like all of the sudden he was regressing. And man that was tough on this momma. I finally decided I would wave the white flag and just go back to diapers. He must not really be ready I thought. We will try again in a few months. I don't want to force him. and the next day (earlier this week) the kid up and decided he would be potty trained. No accidents for days. Constantly telling us when he needed to pee and poop. It was an answer from heaven.

This is such an abbreviated version, but I really just wanted to record this for my future kiddos and to encourage any mommas in the potty training trenches. You can do it!

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