Spring Pictures 2015

Finally getting around to posting these. I took them earlier this month. W was almost 7 months old and C right at 2.5 years old. Goodness people, I'm abundantly blessed to call these two little ones mine. This past weekend I was watching them play at my parents house. At one point it me like new that they are mine. How? How could I possibly deserve such beautiful, amazing kids. The Lords grace is overwhelming. Little gal was just learning to sit up in these photos. C was super into it (not). But I love love love love what I captured of the two of them. So real and so hilarious. and if you want to take a stroll down memory lane, here is our spring pictures from when C was W's age. I keep telling myself we will take family pictures soon, but we'll see if that actually happens. Okay, prepare yourself for cuteness. And no, I have know idea where they get those blue eyes from. Or the curls. But I'll take um:) photo springphotos2015-007bis.jpg photo springphotos2015-016bis.jpgthis kid. he loves his little sister. sometimes a little too much. but she never seems to mind.  photo springphotos2015-002sbw.jpg photo springphotos2015-003bis.jpg photo springphotos2015-014.jpg photo springphotos2015-012.jpg photo springphotos2015-006bis.jpgdon't worry, I give her nine million kisses a day.  photo springphotos2015-015sbw.jpg photo springphotos2015-017.jpg photo springphotos2015-001.jpg photo springphotos2015-010.jpg
 photo springphotos2015-009.jpg photo springphotos2015-005.jpg photo springphotos2015-011.jpglittle hams.  photo springphotos2015-004bis.jpg photo springphotos2015-013bis.jpg
 I love this one. W is smiley AS ALWAYS. Seriously the girl is always smiling. And C hears a siren (his favorite thing in all the world). So perfectly captures their little personalities and hearts. Love it.

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Nicole said...

I love every single one!!! PS you know you can call me for family photos. :) I’d do them in a heartbeat!