When Egypt and Rednecks combine

The Memphis Pyramid has been around longer than I've been alive. When I was little it was a stadium. Basketball games, boxing, Disney on Ice, etc could be found within it's walls. As I got older, the pyramid became more and more deserted. The last few years it's been completely empty. Rumors spread that Bass Pro was looking into buying the pyramid and renovating it. No one really thought it would happen for a while, but alas, it did. And we LOVE IT!

Kind of a crazy concept. Sporting and Hunting products in a pyramid??? They don't really seem to go together, but I think that's part of the genius in why it works. Inside you can find a huge aquarium, ponds stocked with fish and alligators, boats on the ponds, a fudge shop, a bowling alley, a restaurant, a upscale hotel, a looking deck and restaurant at the top, and the world's largest free standing elevator.

It's incredible. And it's free to walk around. We took the kids randomly one Monday night soon after it opened and had the best time. Well let me rephrase, C had the best time. That kid got on every single four wheeler and boat they had sitting out, and trust me, there are a ton. We looked at the fish, the alligators, the aquarium, the ducks swimming around, sat on all the "motorcycles" and let C push Willow around in the stroller. The kid loved it all, and Josh and I had a wonderful time just watching him enjoy it.

We will definitely be going back soon!
 photo IMG_3634.jpg
 photo IMG_3632_1.jpg photo IMG_3627.jpg photo IMG_3628.jpg photo IMG_3617.jpg photo IMG_3616.jpg photo IMG_3620.jpg photo IMG_3602.jpg
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 How did Willow like it, you ask?   photo IMG_3631.jpg
 She seemed to like it alright:)

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