Family Date Night : Cookie Making

Earlier this month we made cookies and delivered them to friends. I've had a goal of becoming a better baker for quite some time. I love the memories I have of my mom making our birthday cakes or helping my nanny make Christmas cookies. I want my kids to have those memories too. And, I just honestly want to become a better baker because it's just not my forte. A few weeks ago, the kids helped me whip up a batch of "clean eating" cookies. C loved getting to help stir and dump things in the bow. W loved getting to taste her first chocolate chip morsel. And I loved devouring the final product:) we packaged them all up and delivered them to a few church members. I'm planning to do this again soon and take them to other members. I 'd love to make this a once a month ritual. Making them together allowed us to spend time as a family and serve others. We had such a fun night, and we loved surprising our friends with treats! Next up on my list to make is a homemade apple (or any fruit) pie. Allll from scratch!  photo IMG_4498.jpg photo IMG_4502.jpg photo IMG_4508.jpg photo IMG_4512.jpg photo IMG_4509.jpg photo IMG_4522.jpg photo IMG_4526.jpg photo IMG_4530.jpg
  photo IMG_4535.jpg photo IMG_4543.jpg
  photo IMG_4588.jpg
 HOW C EATS A COOKIE: photo IMG_4582.jpg

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