Goodbye Finn

We said goodbye to our sweet Finn yesterday. We are sharing him with a family who was in need of a pup. Their son has autism and has been wanting a dog. We haven't been able to give Finn the attention he deserves for quite some time. These two littles keep me on my toes, so most days Finn stays outside or in his crate. It just wasn't fair to him. We've been debating for months about finding him another family. We only wanted to give him to another family who had kiddos and a bigger yard. We are so thankful we found him the perfect family.

Josh drove him to AR yesterday to pass him along to his new family. He will have an acre backyard and two bigger kids to play with all day long. I thought I would be really sad to see him go, but I wasn't because I'm just so excited for him. He will get so much more attention with them and be so good for their son. He was such a good pup for us. We got him before we had babies and smoothered him with love. As we've added each kid Finn has been nothing but loving and sweet with them. He let Willow just claw at him all day without a budge. He let C chase him for what seemed hours around our couches. He was so loyal to us and just about the best dog we could have hoped for. I'm excited for him to be that to another family.

Before Josh left with him, I snapped a few (read ALOT) of pics of him with the babies. Neither has yet to realize that he isn't here anymore. We love you Finn! We are so thankful for the past 4 years we've had you! I love that I can look back through this blog and see so many pictures of him with my kids. And now I have to quit typing because the sadness is hitting. Ugh, so many memories flooding back. Thank you Lord for letting us love on him for those 4 years. He was such a blessing to us and I sincerely pray he is a blessing to this new family and their son. Sweet pup, We will miss you!!!! photo goodbyefinn-004.jpg photo goodbyefinn-008.jpg photo goodbyefinn-009.jpg photo goodbyefinn-030.jpg photo goodbyefinn-016.jpg photo goodbyefinn-011.jpg photo goodbyefinn-003.jpg
 photo goodbyefinn-026.jpg photo goodbyefinn-031.jpg
 photo goodbyefinn-019.jpg photo goodbyefinn-014.jpg
 photo goodbyefinn-023.jpg photo goodbyefinn-005.jpg photo goodbyefinn-010.jpg photo goodbyefinn-029.jpg photo goodbyefinn-018.jpg photo goodbyefinn-024.jpg photo goodbyefinn-001.jpg photo goodbyefinn-006.jpg photo goodbyefinn-027.jpg
 photo goodbyefinn-022.jpg

 photo goodbyefinn-021.jpg photo goodbyefinn-028.jpg photo goodbyefinn-002.jpg photo goodbyefinn-032.jpg


Purposely at Home said...

what sweet and adorable photos!

Patty said...

We had to do a similar thing with our Annie after 7 years. Knowing we were moving out of state and she would have to leave the vet who took such good care of her many health issues, we chose to let her be adopted by one of the vet techs who also loved her as much as we did. It's heartbreaking to realize giving up your baby is so hard, I know. Only knowing Annie's new "mom" wanted her so much and would make sure she was well cared for by the vet who knew her health history made it bearable. You'll never stop loving Finn. But he'll get the attention you want him to have. And what fabulous photos you have to remember him by as well! Hang in there!

Valerie Dagostini said...

I'm so happy that people aren't giving you a hard time about rehoming. We did the same with our golden retriever. After our daughter was born I didn't have the time to spend with him and the hair that once wasn't a big deal became a huge deal to my husband when our baby was covered in it despite lots of vacuuming. We rehomed him with a friend that had lots of time for him and would take him hunting (which he was trained for. It was hard and he's such a sweet dog, but being treated like a house cat wasn't fair to him.