June Monthly Recap

It's that time of the month again! Here's our monthly recap via my phone!!

park dates after dinner:
 photo IMG_4328.jpg
 Teaching C his memory verses:  photo IMG_4316_1.jpg
 This girl could sit here for hours. Seriously. She may have done it several times:)
 photo IMG_4314_1.jpg

 photo IMG_4315_1.jpg
 pool days at home!:  photo IMG_4370.jpg
 I can't handle her in that suit. Swoon! photo IMG_4367.jpg photo IMG_4371.jpg
 oh me. Every time she's about to take a bath I just have to stop and stare at her many rolls. They get me every time. Love that squishy baby! photo IMG_4453.jpg photo IMG_4460.jpg photo IMG_4455.jpg
 I've been working out consistently this month! Doing BBG with several other girlfriends. Here's to getting stronger! So thankful for the accountability! photo IMG_4495.jpg
 Date Night to see Jurassic World with my man! Lindsay watched the babies for us so we could have this night out. When we came to pick them up C was buried in a fort.  photo IMG_4618.jpg
 photo IMG_4609_1.jpg photo IMG_4614.jpg
 This boy always has his nose in a book.
 photo IMG_4631.jpg

 photo IMG_4635.jpg
 Happy:  photo IMG_4673.jpg
 Not Happy:
 photo IMG_4653_1.jpg

She was major cheesing this day so I couldn't help but snap several pics despite my crazy hair. photo IMG_4690.jpg photo IMG_4689.jpg photo IMG_4693.jpg
 ^They look similar yet so different at the same time.

SHE IS 8 MONTHS!!!!! Ahhhh can't believe it!

 photo IMG_4751.jpg
 twinning with my girl on accident but I don't hate it:)
 photo IMG_4804.jpgmorning apples in bed with these crazies! photo IMG_4811.jpg
  photo IMG_4814.jpg
 more pool days at home.... C was stuck and I couldn't help but laugh
 photo IMG_4892.jpg
 photo IMG_4897.jpg
 Dinner time: photo IMG_4908.jpg
 bedtime snuggles with my bestie: photo IMG_4944.jpg photo IMG_4932_1.jpgfreshly groomed: photo IMG_4996.jpg
  photo IMG_5063.jpgMy walking squad: photo IMG_5033.jpg

 Kept Mr. Graham one day for his momma and loved the extra giggles he brought along! photo IMG_4973.jpg
 sleeping beauty:
 photo IMG_5082.jpg photo IMG_5014.jpg photo IMG_5006.jpg photo IMG_5009.jpg D_R_A_M_A: photo IMG_5125.jpg
  photo IMG_5120.jpg photo IMG_5126.jpg
 Zoo date with friends! photo IMG_5138.jpg
  photo IMG_5149.jpg
  photo IMG_5151.jpg

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