W is 8 months!

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Well sweet girl, here we are again. Another month older and cuter than ever. This past month you've some how managed to become even sweeter than before. Your personality is starting to come out more and more and i LOVE it. You are soooooo laid back, relaxed, go with the flow, SMILEY little girl. I think you smile about 98% of the time you are awake. You aren't very independent. You constantly want me or brother around.

You are still in size 2 diapers, but will need to go up to 3's soon. I'd guess you are at 18 pounds. You take 2 naps a day and sleep through the night! You're still nursing like a champ, too.

New this month:

-you are soooo close to crawling. You roll around everywhere, but I know crawling is about to happen.
-you love love love to eat. That's not really knew but  you live for it.
-you do the cutest little dance with shaking your head. Brother did it too, but you  put more pizzaz in it. haha. You love when I make you dance.
-you laugh sooo hard at C now and interact with him so much more than last month.
-You want to take a bath every.single.day. You think C in the bath with you is the funniest thing on the planet.
-you talk a good bit and say da-da.
-you love to put your palm or the back of you hand to your mouth and make noises over and over.
-you can pick up puffs like a champ
-you prefer big kid foods to baby food, but we are still taking that slow.

oh W. I love you so much. I love seeing how different you are from your brother. You just have the sweetest, most chilled demeanor. I praise the Lord DAILY for letting me have you and be your momma. You bring endless amounts of joy to us! We LOVE YOU!!!!!!

and here's brother at 8 months!

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