27 years. Happy Birthday to me.

Since my birthday fell on a Sunday this year, we celebrated the Friday night before. Josh surprised me with dinner to The Beauty Shop. Oh man, it was delish. Their filet Mignon is one of the best in the city in my humble opinion. We ate our weight in fries as well and then headed off for our next pit stop...

 photo IMG_6125.jpg

BOWLING!! I felt a little embarrassed walking in due to my fancy dress, but we still had so much fun despite the crazy looks we got.
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 photo IMG_6177.jpg
 and it had to be documented that Josh got a gutter ball... that got stuck.. hilarious.  photo IMG_6144.jpg
 photo IMG_6179.jpg

The last stop of the night was in Hernando for some delish DELISH DELISH ice cream at Area 51. I got Blackberry Goat Cheese and Holy amazing it was spectacular. SO rich and creamy and did i say... DELISH?!  photo IMG_6180.jpg
So thankful my husband planned such a great night out. My actual birthday on Sunday was a bit of a bummer since Josh got super sick and we had to cancel CG at our house. But the night ended cuddling my babies and serving my husband and so I really can't complain because I'm just so thankful for 27 years of life and getting to do it with them.

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