July 4th Six Flag weekend

We went to Six flags with some of my family over the July 4 weekend. We did it last year too and had such a blast. This year was no different. We left late Friday morning and stopped halfway for lunch. That night we checked in to our hotel and grabbed a late dinner at Dave & Busters.

the kiddos did amazing traveling. I'm so thankful I have such good traveling babies. They always do so well, I'm so thankful!!! And considering we all four shared a one room hotel, they slept pretty great the first night (besides W waking us up at 5:30).  photo IMG_5279.jpg photo IMG_5283.jpg
  photo IMG_5284.jpg
 photo IMG_5278.jpg photo IMG_5332.jpg photo IMG_5320.jpg
  photo IMG_5309.jpg
 photo IMG_5345.jpg

That next morning we left really early for Six flags. We got in the park an hour early because we brought Coke cans (some special they were doing).  It was so nice to be able to squeeze in some rides before the lines got long. And thanks to my parents watching the kids, Josh and I were able to ride several rides:)
 photo IMG_5363.jpg
 photo IMG_5702.jpg
 (all his uncles and aunt chipped in their tickets at Dave and Busters and bought him this dinosaur. He was obsessed and sleeps with it every night still) photo IMG_5701.jpg photo IMG_5374.jpg

  photo IMG_5377.jpg photo IMG_5382.jpg photo IMG_5391.jpgThey projected reaching maximum capacity that day, but we never felt like it was overly crowded. I also wasn't sure how much C would like the rides, but turned out he was IN LOVE. seriously, he wanted to ride everything!

Waiting for the train we snapped some family selfies.... someone wasn't amused.  photo IMG_5520.jpg photo IMG_5517.jpg photo IMG_5510.jpg photo IMG_5515.jpg photo IMG_5697.jpgThis was C's favorite ride and the one I thought he would like the least. It was fast, it spun while you spun it. It was a little intense for a 2.5 year old but he was in heaven as you can see! photo IMG_5468.jpglike mother like son... photo IMG_5456_1.jpg photo IMG_5404.jpgThis photo makes me want to cry for different reasons. First because I just love him so and he looks so grown sitting like that. Two because I'm so ready for him to have a play companion in willow and this new sibling. Every day he talks and plays with her a little more and it makes me so excited for them to grow up having each other.  photo IMG_5481.jpgA water park is included. I promise I'm not exaggerating when I say that C went down that slide 50+ times. The kid was addicted. And willow in that life vest just cracked us up.  photo IMG_5367.jpg

The kid was so exhausted from the day that he slept right through dinner. photo IMG_5508.jpgOur tickets included a dinner and VIP seats to the firework show. It's a super good deal. We loved it so much last year, we knew we had to do it again.  photo IMG_5534.jpgThe fire work show is always so good, but Willow was not a fan.  photo IMG_5536.jpg photo IMG_5556.jpg

  photo IMG_5743.jpg

Over 12 hours in a theme park is a sure fire way to make sure your babies sleep good that night!

 The next morning we packed up from the hotel and went to the City Museum in downtown St. Louis. This is a must must must if you got to St. Louis. It's unbelievable and the pictures don't do it justice. You could spend all day here and still not see it all. It's just amazing! 10story slides, tunnels in the ceiling and walls to climb in, caves, farris wheel, giant slides galore, toddler areas, train rides, etc etc etc. It is endless amounts of fun and my favorite part of the trip.
  photo IMG_5737.jpg photo IMG_5662.jpg photo IMG_5691.jpg photo IMG_5612.jpg photo IMG_5599.jpg
 photo IMG_5585.jpg photo IMG_5647.jpg photo IMG_5560.jpg photo IMG_5688.jpg photo IMG_5570.jpg

  photo IMG_5673.jpg

  photo IMG_5686.jpg photo IMG_5672.jpg
 photo IMG_5682.jpg

We ended our trip with a stop for some frozen custard. We then drove straight home just in time for the kiddos bed time. So thankful for this quick getaway and time with my family.

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