July Recap


Started my month off right by snuggling this little man while his parents went on a date day! 
 photo IMG_5229.jpg

Trips alone to target are a serious vacation.
 photo IMG_5245.jpg

I swear I could stare at her sleeping all day.
 photo IMG_5785.jpg
Revision's night at the food pantry! photo IMG_5792.jpg
He falls asleep like this all the time. bless him.  photo IMG_5265.jpg

They have the most fun together in the bath. On this particular day, they stayed in the bath for a full hour.
 photo IMG_5836.jpg
Snuggles while brother naps
 photo IMG_5859.jpg
helping me edit photos... more like destroying my desk. ha.
 photo IMG_5869.jpg
Crazy to think our time in this cafe is coming to an end. In september we will be moving to a school theater/auditorium and we are SO excited!
 photo IMG_5844.jpg
Date Day with one of my besties. Coffee and shopping. My days with her are too rare.
 photo IMG_5888.jpg
Family date to get physicals for our adoption! The kids weren't as excited as we were clearly.  photo IMG_5947_1.jpg
 photo IMG_5949.jpg
 photo IMG_5968.jpg
I told you I could stare at her sleeping all day...
 photo IMG_5997.jpg
Big girl standing at her table!
 photo IMG_5980.jpg
He made this "train" all by himself. I was pretty impressed with this 2 year olds skills.  photo IMG_6101.jpg
Being a dork in my new sunnys
 photo IMG_6045_1.jpg
being a cutey in her winter pjs, in july.
 photo IMG_6190.jpg
 photo IMG_6108.jpg
Cousin play date
 photo IMG_6360.jpg
She's growing too fast. can't.handle.it.
 photo IMG_6411.jpg
 photo IMG_6401.jpg

He's just a tad excited about his new spider man mask from mudgy
 photo IMG_6571.jpg
 photo IMG_6573.jpg

 It's like she knew I was about to go out of town so she gave me the best going away present ever... sleepy snuggles.
 photo IMG_6606.jpg
Girls Revision Trip 2015 was a huge success. This is seriously the ONLY Picture I took the whole weekend. We had way to much fun to even think about capturing it. We drove up Friday morning to Franklin to shop and eat. That night we went to Maggianios for dinner. Then we stayed up late talking at the pool. And Saturday we spent the whole day shopping at the Opry Mills mall before heading home. It was such a great weekend with almost all my favorite ladies! photo IMG_6610.jpg

 Pool days with my babes photo IMG_6656.jpg
 photo IMG_6661.jpg
 photo IMG_6659.jpg
When the babies nap and husband works from home so you can feel like a person and put on normal clothes and shop and get your licenses renewed. ahhh a for real SAHM vacation
 photo IMG_6905.jpg
this kid. always has his nose in a book.
 photo IMG_6867.jpg

Weaver family ice cream and playground date.
 photo IMG_6912.jpg photo IMG_6909.jpg

 Getting so big photo IMG_6631.jpg

looking straight up like her daddy in these
 photo IMG_7018.jpg
 photo IMG_7020.jpg
 photo IMG_7049.jpg
the difference was 5 seconds
 photo IMG_7072.jpg

 always happy. not kidding. she's always happy photo IMG_7082_1.jpg
 photo IMG_7085.jpg

Oh July, you were real real real good to us!

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