My people and the mundane memories

Everyday Josh gets home while the babies are napping. Willow is usually the first to get up. Josh gives her a bottle while I prep dinner. Then we get C up. He usually runs straight to josh and wants to play with him. Either they wrestle or play trains until dinner is ready. Willow sits nearby and just gives the sweetest belly laugh. This is one of my favorite times of the day. I love watching them be silly and so excited daddy is home.

  photo IMG_5899.jpg
 photo IMG_5893.jpg photo IMG_5930.jpg photo IMG_5935.jpg
 photo IMG_5902.jpg photo IMG_5907.jpg photo IMG_5897.jpg

It's these mundane moments that hold the sweetest memories for me. One day they won't want to wrestle or play trains. So, we are soaking it up as much as humanely possible. Love these people of mine.

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