my sweet Willow girl

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We relaxed at Auntie Linny's house a few days ago and had so much fun snuggling in her Anthro blanket. I can't tell you how many times a day I stop and just stare at this girl. I feel so much gratitude to the Lord for unexpectedly giving us her. I couldn't imagine life without her and she just seriously fills our days with so much joy. She's developing the sweetest personality. What am I saying? She's always had the sweetest personality, but somehow she's getting even sweeter. I probably kiss her cheeks a good 500 times a day. And I'm not ready for her to be a year. I know I'm still a good 2 months away from that, but I just love this baby stage she is in. Ugh, it's the best.

So as you can tell, the sole reason for this post was just to be able to stare at her cuteness and brag on my girl. She's currently napping and I'm missing her. and those cheeks. MUUAAHH!

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