Adoption Update

The Kubler domestic adoption is still very much under way. I realized it's been a while since I updated my blog with where we are in the process. I keep other social media outlets updated but this ole blog got the shaft on accident.

We are OFFICIALLY on the waiting list again!!!!!! Physicals are done. Paperwork is done. Profile book is done (and ordered). Home study is done and done and done!!!!!! I'm so thankful. So thankful!

It's crazy to think that two years ago, almost at this same exact time, we were being approved the first time around. To celebrate our homestudy being complete last week, we recreated a pic we took the first time around:

 I'm just so in awe of the Lord's timing. I constantly think back to two years ago when all of this was new and fresh. I so desperately wanted to be placed with a child asap. I thought about it daily and it often consumed my thoughts. Every phone call had me on edge hoping it was our social worker. and the three times our profile book was viewed by a birth mother, I was lost in the nerves and anxiety. I was so ready to add to our family and to be honest, I struggled with it being an idol in my life. So many friends were getting pregnant and I had just miscarried. I was begging Jesus to multiply our crew through adoption. But he knew so much better. He gave us Willow. In fact, just days after writing a blog post and crying to some friends about how I was just so ready for our next baby to come home, I found out I was pregnant. And Jesus in his grace reminded me that I can not control this adoption journey or my life. Man, I'm just so thankful for his provision. I couldn't imagine life without my Willow girl. She is my constant reminder of his goodness and seriously the most perfect addition to our family. So this time around, I'm finding myself so much more calm and trusting in His will and plan. I don't want to constantly think about the future and what ifs. I want to be in the present, loving on the two beautiful babies I have and soaking up time as a family of four. I don't want this adoption to rule my thoughts or give me anxiety. I want to rest in His provision and meditate on his Word. I'm so thankful for how the Lord has orchestrated this adoption journey. I can't wait to see how it will unfold this time around. Maybe we will have a baby by christmas, maybe we will have one by next christmas, or maybe we will be pregnant and have to put the adoption on hold again. I don't want to wish one way or the other. I just want to want His will more than my own. I know our adoption will happen in His timing. I know our future adoptions or fostering or whatever He calls us to will happen in his timing. I just want to be found faithful in the waiting and always having my "yes" on the table.

So here's to the waiting. May we be found faithful in it. Would you pray for us and more importantly for our birth parents? We are praying for an open adoption and a great relationship with both the birth mother and birth father.

 And here's a small sneak peek of what's happening inside our profile book.  Our agency will receive their copy this week (it was rushed) and we should get our copy by the end of the month. So excited to share this labor of love.

and just to be real, my son is currently taping my entire body with scotch tape and I'm letting him because it gave me 5 minutes to type this up. Amen.


Adeline said...

Thanks for sharing! My best friend is in the midst of her third adoption, so I"m gonna send this blog post her way to encourage her!

Susan Delk said...

That last bit though...lol. So excited for you guys getting in this crazy process again! And thanks for the encouraging words on not letting anxiety about it rule your life. Ha definitely need that lately