August Recap

Whew. This month our days were calm but our nights were busy. We finished our adoption in August and were officially approved and put on the waiting list (I posted about that a few posts back).

Here's a quick (hahaha not really) recap of iphone photos

Sunday afternoon loving:
 photo IMG_6994.jpg

Cheerios are hilarious, don't you know?

 photo IMG_7081.jpg
 photo IMG_7081.jpg

Walked in to find C feeding W her bottle one morning. Heart exploded! photo IMG_7146.jpg
Growing faster than we'd like:
 photo IMG_7176.jpg
 photo IMG_7301.jpg
 photo IMG_7490.jpg
 C's first photo:
 photo IMG_7283.jpg

 more Sunday afternoon loving.  photo IMG_7401.jpg
 photo IMG_7336.jpg
 photo IMG_7539.jpg
a little ticked to be up from her nap:
 photo IMG_7421.jpg
 photo IMG_7449.jpg
 photo IMG_7469.jpg
always has his nose in a book:
 photo IMG_7467.jpg
went to answer my phone and came back to C reading to W while she splashed. That kid.
 photo IMG_7484.jpg
lovin on her new baby:
 photo IMG_7536.jpg
 photo IMG_8392.jpg
10 months!!
 photo IMG_7596.jpg
My sweet friend, Steph, invited me to a music festival at the Shell. It was so much fun to see Switchfoot, Need to Breathe, and Drew Holcomb.
 photo IMG_7664.jpg
growing and growing and growing
 photo IMG_7670.jpg
 photo IMG_7736.jpg
crawling under daddy's tunnel
 photo IMG_7871.jpg
Girl's night with my CG girls:
 photo IMG_7914.jpg
 photo IMG_7899.jpg
shopping with a bestie, anna
 photo IMG_7978.jpg
park dates
 photo IMG_8002.jpg
Driving Mrs. W
 photo IMG_8007.jpg

She likes the swing just a little bit:
 photo IMG_8054.jpg
 photo IMG_8118.jpg
 photo IMG_8050.jpg

rebelling against a nap and I didn't mind bc EXTRA SNUGGLES
 photo IMG_8148.jpg
sup, spidey
 photo IMG_8202.jpg
love this one and all her chunks:
 photo IMG_8231.jpg
 photo IMG_8232.jpg
New church location. New Church name. So thankful for all the Lord is doing at our church.
 photo IMG_8268.jpg
blue eyed beauty
 photo IMG_8345.jpg

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