Purple Hair, Don't Care

At my last hair appointment, I was in the mood to do something new. That meant either cut all this hair off (been growing it for 6 years) or do something extremely different with my color. I went with the latter...

  photo IMG_7748.jpg
 photo IMG_7753.jpg
 photo IMG_7758.jpg

 photo IMG_7804.jpg
 photo IMG_7805.jpg photo IMG_7807.jpg photo IMG_7791.jpg
I LOVED IT! it was so fun to do something so different and the color looked amazing. It lasted for about a week and half before it washed out to platinum blonde. I was a little disappointed about how quickly it faded. If I do purple again, I'll ask for something more permanent. Still undecided. Part of me would love to do my entire head purple... but I don't think I can get husband on board for that. We'll see....:)

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