Willow is 10 months!

We are a short two months out from her first birthday. All the feelings happening over here. How is almost that time? I can remember posting C's 10 month update and realizing that time was moving quicker than I wanted. I think I posted his post yesterday. Seriously, it's unreal.

little girl, you are growing like a weed. This past month you've done so many new things. You are crawling like a pro, pulling up on EVERYTHING, walking when you hold our hands, saying dada, mama, bye bye, hey, and yeah. You love clapping and you LOOOOVEEEEE C. You play so well with him. You love your music table and baby dolls. You have three teeth and three more that are breaking through at once. Yikes. You wear 9mo clothes and size three diapers. I would guess you weigh around 20 pounds.  photo Wmonth10-001.jpg photo Wmonth10-008.jpgYou are sleeping through the night still and taking two naps a day. You nurse three times a day and take a bottle the other two times. You are also eating pretty much whatever we are eating. You still eat baby food some, but it's not your favorite. You enjoy feeding yourself.  photo Wmonth10-007.jpg photo Wmonth10-004.jpg photo Wmonth10-003.jpgYou are seriously so smiley and giggly all the time, but you when you do rarely get upset,  you don't hold back. When you get super excited you have your hands and twist your feet and make the cutest little noise. It kills me.  photo Wmonth10-002.jpg

These last 10 months with you have been the sweetest. I thank Jesus daily he is letting me be your momma. I can't wait to watch you grow. I fee like the luckiest mom in the world to have you and C. 

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