September Recap

Grocery Store hangs:

 photo IMG_8377.jpg

Back porch at Mudgy:
 photo IMG_8396.jpg
First Sunday as Redeemer Baptist at the new location- OBMS Auditorium 
 photo IMG_8518.jpg
Standing all by herself!
 photo IMG_8554.jpg 
 photo IMG_8571.jpg
C's first smore!!! He liked them just a little. He also made me feed them to him because they were "too messy"
 photo IMG_8574.jpg  photo IMG_8576.jpg
 photo IMG_8578.jpg
she loves playing on his bed, he loves hitting her.. .win/win
 photo IMG_8634.jpg
Happy Birthday G!!
 photo IMG_8669.jpg always together:
 photo IMG_8679.jpg
Dad sent me off for a girl's night and this is how I left them... makes my heart melt
 photo IMG_8697.jpg
little hams
 photo IMG_8751.jpg love her less son...
 photo IMG_8771.jpg
last time nursing my girl. how is she almost a YEAR CUE ALL THE TEARS
 photo IMG_8781.jpg
driving miss willow
 photo IMG_8800.jpg
 photo IMG_8817.jpg
 photo IMG_8823.jpg
 photo IMG_8824.jpg
festival with friends:
 photo IMG_8836.jpg
 photo IMG_8837.jpg
bed hair and sunsets
 photo IMG_8978.jpg
 photo IMG_8998.jpg photo IMG_8999.jpg
 stayed up late to welcome daddy home and watch movies!
 photo IMG_9015.jpg
came out in this skirt and C gasped and said "mama you princess! you bootfiul"
 photo IMG_9033.jpg
went on a weekend getaway to a conference for Josh's work. So fun talking about Fund The Nations and meeting so many wonderful mamas!
 photo IMG_9040.jpg photo IMG_9052.jpg
 photo IMG_9086.jpg
always in my yarn collection
 photo IMG_9140.jpg
he loves waiting for dad to get home so he can drive the car up the driveway
 photo IMG_9141.jpg
again, love her less son, love her less
 photo IMG_9175.jpg

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