To Tupelo We Go

Last weekend we drove down to Tupelo for our friend's wedding. Josh was officiating the wedding of a couple in our Community group. We drove down on Friday and spent then night in a hotel.

I'm convinced my children think hotels are miniature Disney Worlds. They were in HEAVEN. They had such a blast playing in the room and jumping on the beds. And like always, they did amazing and slept straight through the night. So thankful for such easy traveling kiddos.
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Saturday we woke up and played in the room a bit while Josh prepped a little for the ceremony. Then we loaded up and went to the mall to kill time before the wedding.
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We caved and let C go to build-a-bear. He picked a dinosaur and thought it was the best thing EVER.
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 We let him play at the play area inside before leaving to get some lunch with some other friends at Lost Pizza. Then it was a quick nap session at the church for Willow and wedding time!

this little lady... she slays me... oh and her little boyfriend Graham. She loves him long time.

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 Dustin and Emma had such a beautiful wedding! We were so thankful and blessed to be apart of it.  photo IMG_8499.jpg

As soon as the music started for grandparents to be seated, C passed out in my lap. So yeah, this was basically my heaven.
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After the wedding, we ate and hung out with other friends who made the drive down. Then we loaded up and headed home just in time for baths and bed. Gosh I love these people of mine and doing life with them. Traveling with our kids is one of my favorite things to do! I know most people get stressed about it but if flying across the world to NZ with one toddler and a newborn has taught me anything it's to BE FLEXIBLE AND RELAXED! Can't wait for our next trip!

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