Willow is 11 months!

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 photo Wmonth11-007.jpg
how is this happening? HOW IS THIS HAPPENING!?!?!?!?!?!?! only one month left of this little gal being a baby. Seriously, this year is flying by. So not ready to have a one year old. Stay little forever my sweet Willow girl.

This month you are doing so many new things. You are walking with your push toy. You are talking more and more. You can say mama, dada, baby, bye bye, hey, and yeah. You love to wave hello and bye bye. You have four teeth and two that just broke through. You are in size three diapers and I think around 20-22 pounds. You still nap twice a day. Just a few days ago you dropped to just nursing at night time. You still sleep through the night and love your bun bun and blankey. You are constantly on the move now (even while trying to take these pics haha)

You and C are the sweetest of friends. Y'all play so well together so far and you just laugh at everything he does. You love to eat more than anything and you are ZERO picky, hallelujah. Seriously you eat anything and everything. You love bath time with your brother and you don't like when he takes your toys. You love clapping your hands. One of my most favorite things is that when I'm holding you, I say "Willow is my babbbbbyyyyy" and you immediately snuggle your head into me and smile. Ugh. It's the best best best best.

Little girl we love you so much! Watching you grow is such a joy. We couldn't imagine life without your consistent sweetness. You are my sunshine girl. I love you so.

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