C TURNS 3!!!

I'm not quite sure there are words to describe how this mama is feelings. But I'll do my best.

Blessed. I feel immensely blessed to call this boy mine. Seriously, he's the greatest. I feel grateful. Grateful the Lord graciously lets me parent him. I feel overjoyed to witness his silly personailty everyday. I feel conflicted. Conflicted because I love watching him grow but don't want a single day to pass. I want him this little forever.

I just love being his mama. And this past weekend, he turned three. I can hardly believe it.

He decided just a week before his birthday that he wanted a "itsy bitsy pider" party (spiderman). I found a party kit on amazon full of spider man goodies. I found steps for a cake on pinterest and he loved it all. We had his party the night before his birthday. We ate pizza before all our guests arrived.

(oh and seeing his face see all his party set up was THE BEST)

 photo IMG_9228.jpg

We had a quick photo op before guests arrived too. Kinda become a little tradition:)

 photo IMG_9269.jpg

 photo Cbdayandpumpkinpatch-021.jpg
 photo Cbdayandpumpkinpatch-013.jpg
 photo Cbdayandpumpkinpatch-019.jpg

 photo Cbdayandpumpkinpatch-015.jpg photo Cbdayandpumpkinpatch-014.jpg
 photo Cbdayandpumpkinpatch-020.jpg

 photo Cbdayandpumpkinpatch-017.jpg
 photo Cbdayandpumpkinpatch-012.jpgWillow helped me decorate:) photo Cbdayandpumpkinpatch-008.jpgThe party scene photo Cbdayandpumpkinpatch-011.jpgThe cake. It was a Red Velvet made completely from scratch with dark chocolate spider webs.  photo Cbdayandpumpkinpatch-010.jpg photo Cbdayandpumpkinpatch-002.jpg
 photo Cbdayandpumpkinpatch-003.jpg photo Cbdayandpumpkinpatch-004.jpg photo Cbdayandpumpkinpatch-006.jpgAs soon as everyone arrived, he just ran circles around the couches. He was so stinkin excited. There were no words:) Time to blow out the candles!! photo Cbdayandpumpkinpatch-022.jpg
He was so proud when every one started singing.
 photo Cbdayandpumpkinpatch-025.jpg
 photo Cbdayandpumpkinpatch-024.jpg

 photo Cbdayandpumpkinpatch-028.jpg photo Cbdayandpumpkinpatch-027.jpgAs soon as we were done singing, he immediately declared "No so woud (loud). Love this kid.

His presents were filled with spiderman, dino posters, remote control cars, train puzzles, etc. The kids hasn't stopped playing with them. We are offically in the "SpiderMan" phase.
 photo Cbdayandpumpkinpatch-035.jpg
 photo Cbdayandpumpkinpatch-032.jpg photo Cbdayandpumpkinpatch-031.jpg
 photo Cbdayandpumpkinpatch-034.jpg

That night his cousins spent the night. First time ever having a sleepover. They did AMAZING. They all went to bed so easily and when they woke up, C was so so so so excited his cousins were still there. We ate donuts then loaded up for the pumpkin.

 photo IMG_9340.jpg

And to walk down memory lane:

C's birth
C's first
(and here)
C's second

annnnnd now im in tears.

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