Kubler Vacation 2015 : Day 1&2

Man, this vacation was exactly what the doctor ordered. Sweet husband hasn't had a vacation since last summer and was in desperate need of time away. We searched for months on the best deals for our trip. We were scammed into one deal, but thankful the Lord shut that door before any damage was done. Although, we were bummed that our great deal fell through last minute. But praise the Lord, we found an even better deal.

Husband has been wanting to go to the mountains for years, so we decided to take this vacation up to east TN.We've traveled so much with kiddos that we've learned it's best to break up the trip errr driving, as much as possible. So, we left Sunday after church and drove halfway to Franklin, Tn. We stayed there Sunday night and half the day Monday.

Leave church Sunday, Vacation isn't Vacation without a farewell spiderman pose.
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We pulled up to our hotel and my jaw dropped. I've never stayed in such a fancy hotel. So modern and awesome. If you ever want a good hotel, A Loft hotels are the bomb. Thank you Hotwire for the crazy good deal.  photo IMG_9489.jpg  photo IMG_9491.jpg something about hotel beds... it's like their own personal DisneyWorld.
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We walked around dowtown Franklin Sunday night and got dinner at Puckett's Grocery.  photo IMG_9512.jpg  photo OEWU7945.jpg
 photo IMG_9514.jpg photo IMG_9519.jpg
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 We got the kiddos in bed late and praise the Lord, they did amazing with us all sharing one hotel room. That night Josh and I got zero sleep. I just don't sleep well in new places. So, at three in the morning I decided to get my workout out of the way. DUMBEST decision of my life.

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We woke up Monday morning, packed up the car and drove into Franklin to shop at The Factory and Downtown Franklin. We grabbed lunch at Meridee's before making the drive to Pigeon Forge. 
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 photo IMG_9565.jpg Real life: toddler tantrums and a come to Jesus talk.
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 Sweet sleeping boy. They slept the whole drive to Pigeon Forge. We got to the hotel and let the kids play in the room for a bit. Then I took the kiddos swimming and josh walked across the street to Mellow Mushroom. We ate pizza in the hotel room and then all hit the sack. Again, the kids did amazing. We've already decided if we ever go back to stay in the same hotel BECAUSE THERE WAS A WALK IN CLOSET. IN A HOTEL! Willow had her own room in that little closet. If you're a mama with kiddos, you know how amazing it is to have a walk in closet... in a hotel... that your pack n play fits in. It was a dream come true. A hotel dream!

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