October iphone Recap

Oh October, you beautiful month you. We kicked off the month with C's birthday!

 photo IMG_9269.jpg photo IMG_9340.jpg photo IMG_9393.jpg
 I blogged all about it in another post:)

The week after C's birthday we headed on vacation! I blogged all of those in separate posts too! We got home an celebrated W's FIRST birthday! And you guessed it, that's all in another posts as well:)
 photo DMNF3628.jpg

 Of course target runs were made this month...

 photo IMG_0346.jpg

Tractor's parked outside of church
  photo IMG_0350.jpg

 We "dog sit" for some friends and the kids LOVED it!
 photo IMG_0388.jpg
 being dumb at my FIL's nursery photo IMG_0430.jpg

 We cheered on our Grizzlies! photo IMG_0669.jpg photo IMG_0458.jpg

 Willow and C had their yearly check ups! She braved shots like A CHAMP! photo IMG_0501.jpg

 Leaves changing.  photo IMG_0548.jpg
 photo BZBK8276.jpg

 We went to our small town fall fest and helped pass out candy for our church's booth. Well some help, others just ate the candy cough cough my kids.
  photo IMG_0600.jpg
 photo IMG_0597.jpg

 photo IMG_0575.jpg
  photo IMG_0582.jpg
My brother owns this star wars suit. He's awesome.  photo IMG_0633.jpg photo IMG_0619.jpg
 photo IMG_0646.jpg  photo IMG_0638.jpg photo IMG_0640.jpg
 Of course more target runs, bc, DUH photo IMG_0662.jpg

Little W didn't feel to well a few days thanks to teething. So we spent lots of time cuddling. Which I obviously didnt' mind.  photo IMG_0690.jpg photo IMG_0684.jpg
 photo IMG_0704.jpg
 photo IMG_0706.jpg
 And bc I love how silly he will be with me... photo IMG_0721.jpg photo IMG_0723.jpg photo IMG_0729.jpg photo IMG_0732.jpg

 Hallow's Eve party. If you don't know our costumes, I'm sad for you. I'm Janet Snakehole and he's Burt Macklin, FBI.  photo IMG_0746.jpg photo IMG_0752.jpg photo IMG_0756.jpg

 Halloween we started off trick or treating at my MIL's. It's become a fun tradition to swing by her place first. C loves showing her his costume. Willow just loves getting in some loving.  photo IMG_0763.jpg photo IMG_0767.jpg photo IMG_0776.jpg

 photo IMG_0777.jpgWe trick or treat with my sister and her husband's family every year because the neighborhood is gated and safe. We love this little tradition and are thankful they let us tag along. We then always stop by my parents church for their fall fest afterwards.
  photo IMG_0788.jpg

Love all these little babies!

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Angie said...

What a fantastic month you all had! Hope November Rocks too!!!!!