Pumpkin Patch 2015

I love fall. Like most people, I suppose. It's just the best. I mean you know, the weather, leaves, pumpkins, layers, my kiddos birthdays. All of it is just the best.

We've decided that this trip to Cedar Hills would become a yearly tradition for us. We did it last year (and the year before at another farm) and knew almost immediately we would be returning year after year.

This year we went on C's third birthday. His cousins spent the night and the next morning we went to the farm with their family and some other friends, The Perrys.

This post is crazy picture crazy. We started off taking pics in the pumpkins, then exploring the farm, riding a "train", watching pig races, riding ponies, playing at the playground, eating lunch, doing the hay maze, riding the hay ride, picking pumpkins, and playing on the pirate ship.
 photo Cbdayandpumpkinpatch-038.jpg
 photo Cbdayandpumpkinpatch-043.jpg photo Cbdayandpumpkinpatch-036.jpg
 photo Cbdayandpumpkinpatch-040.jpg photo Cbdayandpumpkinpatch-037.jpg
 photo Cbdayandpumpkinpatch-041.jpg
 photo Cbdayandpumpkinpatch-047.jpg
 photo IMG_9362.jpg
 photo Cbdayandpumpkinpatch-044.jpg
couldn't get a decent picture, but I can't complain. Love my people. photo Cbdayandpumpkinpatch-045.jpg photo Cbdayandpumpkinpatch-042.jpg
Goodness. this pic below. love them! photo Cbdayandpumpkinpatch-048.jpg

 photo Cbdayandpumpkinpatch-049.jpg
 photo Cbdayandpumpkinpatch-053.jpg photo Cbdayandpumpkinpatch-051.jpg
waiting for the train...(tractor pulling carts)
 photo IMG_9441.jpg photo IMG_9392.jpg photo IMG_9393.jpg photo Cbdayandpumpkinpatch-054.jpg photo Cbdayandpumpkinpatch-055.jpg photo Cbdayandpumpkinpatch-056.jpg photo Cbdayandpumpkinpatch-057.jpg
 photo Cbdayandpumpkinpatch-058.jpg
 photo Cbdayandpumpkinpatch-069.jpg photo Cbdayandpumpkinpatch-062.jpg
 photo Cbdayandpumpkinpatch-065.jpg photo Cbdayandpumpkinpatch-060.jpg
 photo Cbdayandpumpkinpatch-059.jpg photo Cbdayandpumpkinpatch-061.jpg photo Cbdayandpumpkinpatch-070.jpg photo Cbdayandpumpkinpatch-064.jpg photo Cbdayandpumpkinpatch-063.jpg
 photo Cbdayandpumpkinpatch-066.jpg photo Cbdayandpumpkinpatch-067.jpg
 photo Cbdayandpumpkinpatch-068.jpg
 photo Cbdayandpumpkinpatch-072.jpg

 photo Cbdayandpumpkinpatch-071.jpg
 photo Cbdayandpumpkinpatch-073.jpg
 photo Cbdayandpumpkinpatch-075.jpg photo Cbdayandpumpkinpatch-077.jpg

 photo Cbdayandpumpkinpatch-079.jpg photo IMG_9411.jpg photo IMG_9410.jpg photo Cbdayandpumpkinpatch-080.jpg photo Cbdayandpumpkinpatch-085.jpg photo Cbdayandpumpkinpatch-086.jpg

 photo Cbdayandpumpkinpatch-082.jpg

 photo Cbdayandpumpkinpatch-083.jpg photo Cbdayandpumpkinpatch-087.jpg photo Cbdayandpumpkinpatch-089.jpg photo Cbdayandpumpkinpatch-090.jpg photo Cbdayandpumpkinpatch-088.jpg photo Cbdayandpumpkinpatch-091.jpg

 photo IMG_9427.jpg photo IMG_9428.jpg photo Cbdayandpumpkinpatch-094.jpg
 photo Cbdayandpumpkinpatch-093.jpg
 photo Cbdayandpumpkinpatch-095.jpg
 photo Cbdayandpumpkinpatch-092.jpg
 photo Cbdayandpumpkinpatch-096.jpg

 photo Cbdayandpumpkinpatch-101.jpg

 photo Cbdayandpumpkinpatch-104.jpg photo IMG_9443.jpgwillow and graham. they are too cute for words.  photo Cbdayandpumpkinpatch-103.jpg
My sweet niece and newphews. photo Cbdayandpumpkinpatch-106.jpg

 photo Cbdayandpumpkinpatch-099.jpg

 photo Cbdayandpumpkinpatch-097.jpg

 photo Cbdayandpumpkinpatch-107.jpg
 photo Cbdayandpumpkinpatch-110.jpg

We got home, and this boy fell asleep on me. Then once I laid him down, he woke up and didn't nap the rest of the day. #earlybedtime

 photo IMG_9436.jpg
days like this go down in history as the best days ever. Time spent with my people doing things we love. Goodness, I'm just so blessed to do life with them.


Anna D Kart said...

Looks like you guys had so much fun! love the pictures of Willow - her eyes are gorgeous

Happy Medley

Meet the Magnolias said...

Such a fun tradition! You got some sweet pictures, too!